Harry Potter Book Night Is Coming To The U.S. For The First Time Ever

Warner Bros. Pictures

If you've spent years gazing longingly at Harry Potter events that are only held across the pond, start tracking down your nearest Books-A-Million location right away. This February, Books-A-Million will host the first-ever Harry Potter Book Night in the U.S., and it's 100 percent free, so polish off your wands and brush up on your magical trivia, Potterheads.

Harry Potter Book Night is an annual observance in the U.K., where Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury offers kits for classrooms, libraries, and bookstores looking to get festive on a school night — Thursday, Feb. 1 — but don't show up looking for Harry Potter fun at your local Books-A-Million that day. Books-A-Million's Harry Potter Book Night takes place on Saturday, Feb. 3, when four hours of Harry Potter trivia, cosplay, and Hogwarts classes will begin at 2 P.M.

That doesn't mean that the U.S. isn't celebrating Harry Potter Book Night on Feb. 1, however. There are tons of events taking place across the country that day, so be sure to check Bloomsbury's interactive map to find one near you. As a heads-up, you will probably need to covert the event times listed on the map from Greenwich Mean Time (G.M.T.) to whichever time zone you are in, because chances are your local library isn't opening at 6:30 A.M. for a bunch of Harry Potter nonsense.

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, so naturally Potterheads have been treated to wizarding-world goodness galore in the last few weeks. Universal Studios Orlando kicked off its Celebration of Harry Potter on Friday, Jan. 26, and Lady Barge Cruises' Harry Potter Magic Cruise will depart on its maiden voyage this August. The Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibit that took the U.K. by storm last year finally makes its way to the U.S. in 2018, but you'll have to wait until October to enjoy it.

Harry Potter Book Night won't be Books-A-Million's only anniversary event this year. From the press release:

Harry Potter Book Night is one of three Potter-themed events to be hosted by Books-A-Million this year. The other events in this series are 20 Years of Magic, set to take place on Saturday, July 28, and Christmas in the Wizarding World, on Saturday, November 10. Harry Potter Book Night attendees will receive a Magical Passport that will carry them through all three events. Guests are encouraged to save their passports after each event, as prizes will be awarded to those with completed passports.

You know your mission, Potterhead. Find the Books-A-Million store nearest you, get your Magical Passport on Feb. 3, and grab your prizes as 2018 comes to a close.