There's Now A Website Where You Can Hire A Hogwarts Professor As Your Tutor

by Aoife Hanna
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Guys school is hard. I mean, I'm not sure about you, but school for me largely consisted of desperately trying to fit in, and little else. So the actual schooling bit went a bit by the wayside in favour of smoking fags behind the gym with the cool girls. I'm not sure what kids are up to these days, and whether things have changed in that respect, but it looks like the extra help you can get with your schooling certainly has. Because a UK-based tutoring company is offering Hogwarts-themed tutoring services.

Merlin's bloody beard. What a time to be alive. So the news about this comes from Exam Papers Plus, a UK-based private tutoring company that gives kids a little extra help with their schoolwork.

This very unique new experience adds a bit of magic to the proceedings, aiming to make boring subjects seem interesting. And to make students feel like they are actually in Hogwarts. Which is a totally genius idea IMO.

So, hold on, is this for real? They're not just pulling our leg? Yes guys, it's real. And it's called the School Of Magic. Honestly, if this was around when I was at school, I may have actually concentrated.

So the premise of the School Of Magic is to offer some, let's say, alternative tutoring. The courses available are maths with a Gringotts goblin, physics with an expert flying teacher, chemistry with a potions master, and history with the Hogwarts ghosts. OMG. Stop. It's too much.

If that's not enough, you can even go one bigger than that and hire a tutor who comes in costume. Yes guys, actually dressed up and acting like a flipping witch/wizard.

"Private tutors will be teaching the set curriculum but will come dressed in costume, carrying out the sessions through a wizardry theme with props and 'magical learning' books."

And they've even gone one step further by hiring actual lookalikes so that they kids feel like they're getting the real deal. Again, this is neither a joke nor a drill.

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According to the Exam Papers Plus website, they have a whole host of Harry Potter lookalikes ready to be drafted in and cast spells on your kid's grades:

"To make it even more enchanting, you could even hire a lookalike to go that extra mile. Famous wizard lookalikes are available to hire to assist teaching your child chemistry, whilst number-crunching goblins can help them become a real whizz at maths. Ghosts as old as time are also available as extra studies to give your child a 360 degree view of history."

Yikes, this all sounds pretty cool, if a little expensive. Well the prices aren't listed as the service isn't live yet but if you sign up to their mailing list you'll be able to keep up to date with what's occurring.

I can't help but wonder if Exam Papers Plus were inspired by an advert placed by some wily parents not too long ago. Back in May 2019, an advert appeared asking for someone to dress up and act like professor Snape and tutor a school kid. And these parents were willing to shell out £75 an hour. Now that is not a bad amount of dough. It would be accio brand new Benz in no time, am I right?

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