These 'Harry Styles' Album Lyrics Could Be About Taylor Swift

by Amy Roberts
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OK, you guys. Keep breathing, because the day is finally upon us: Harry Styles' debut album is available for us all to listen to obsessively on repeat. And while, yeah, you're going to be doing that while drawing hearts on scraps of paper and sighing dreamily, if you're anything like me, then you're also going to be wondering whether there are certain lyrics about Taylor Swift on Harry Styles. Which is understandable. While their romantic dalliance was brief, it still managed to leave an indelible print on pop culture, and, indeed, on our hearts. And, in recent weeks, fans have speculated on whether or not there would be songs about her on Harry Styles.

Well, now the time has come that we can pour over the entirety of the album, and speculate wildly over whether or not Styles is singing about Swift, and which specific songs and lyrics may be about the singer. By now, I've no doubt that you've probably gone into full on Nancy Drew investigation mode over the contents of Harry Styles, but just in case you haven't, just know that I've totally got your back. Here are all the lyrics on Harry Styles that totally could be about our Swifty.


"Tell Me Something / You Don't Know Nothing, Just Pretend You Do" ("Ever Since New York")

Considering the speculation regarding the fact that Swift's songs "Style," "Out Of The Woods," and "I Knew You Were Trouble" are allegedly about Styles, then this lyric could be taken as a direct clap back to those songs. As a lyric, it's certainly damning towards one person's skewed side of a particular story. And that story could well be the one about Styles and Swift's past relationship.


"Oh, Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know" ("Ever Since New York")

Speaking of which, this lyric in itself could be taken as Styles acknowledging that he has the flaws and has made the mistakes that Swift might have been singing about in her alleged songs about the singer.


"I've Been Praying Ever Since New York" ("Ever Since New York")

But also, there's just the inexplicable fact that Swift has a song called "Welcome To New York," and that Styles and Swift were first spotted together in New York, while on a date in Central Park. I'll let you do the math on that one in your own time.


"Same Lips Red, Same Eyes Blue" ("Two Ghosts")

I mean, you already know how much Swift loves to rock a classic red lip. But there's also a mirror lyric of "I got that red lip, classic thing that you like" featured on Swift's song, "Style," which is widely speculated to be about the singer.


"Same White Shirt, Couple More Tattoos" ("Two Ghosts")

And once more, with feeling, yet another lyric that echoes one from Swift's "Style." In that song, she references a guy that has slicked back "long hair" and a "white t-shirt," which could be considered as being one of the singers signature looks. With Styles' lyric, however, it seems as though he's making a point of humanizing Swift's alleged caricature of him, by adding his "tattoos" to the bad boy depiction of him that she may have sang about in "Style."


"We're Not Who We Used To Be/ We're Just Two Ghosts Standing In The Place Of You And Me" ("Two Ghosts")

Similarly, if Swift's "Style" is indeed about Styles, and "Two Ghosts" about Swift, then this line could be taken as being a call for the two to move on, and make peace with each other. It could also represent that neither of them are who they were when they were dating. That the songs they may or may not have written about each other since are simply "ghosts" from that time, and not representative of who they are now.


"The Fridge Light Washes This Room White/ Moon Dances Over Your Good Side" ("Two Ghosts")

Speaking of eerie reflections of the past, this lyric is hauntingly reminiscent of one from Swift's 2012 song, "All Too Well." In that song, Swift sings, "There we are again in the middle of the night/ We're dancing round the kitchen in the refrigerator light." Make of that what you will, my friends.


"Couldn't Take You Home To Mother In A Skirt That Short" ("Only Angel")

Listen, Swift rocks a short skirt better than just about everyone in the known universe. If this lyric isn't about her, than I just don't want to know.


"She's An Angel/ My Only Angel" ("Only Angel")

We're all totally familiar with the fact that some of the most well known Victoria's Secret Angels are friends with Swift. So much so, that she even brought some Angels on stage during her World Tour in 2015. So, with this lyric, I genuinely want to believe that Styles is making reference to that fact and perhaps insinuating that Swift is Styles' Secret Angel. Get it, guys? I crack myself up sometimes.

These just have to be about Swift, and I absolutely refuse to believe anything different, so there. But until we hear Styles' explicitly say that these songs and lyrics are definitely about Swift, then it's all just wild speculation.