Harry Styles Could Potentially Become Liam Payne’s Baby's Godfather & It Would Make His Year Even Better

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I am happy to say that 2017 will be the year of Harry Styles' rise as a solo artist. He marked the kickoff of his year by releasing his first solo single, "Sign Of The Times." But 1D fans fear not, even though they're on hiatus, some of the boys are still supportive of each other and it's so adorable to hear. In a radio interview for Key 103 while promoting his new single, Styles revealed that he could still potentially be godfather to Liam Payne's baby and that would totally make this epic year even better.

In case you've been out of the One Direction loop, Payne and his girlfriend, Cheryl Cole, welcomed their first child in late March and it sounds like he is loving life right now, according to Styles. The singer told Key 103, "He said it's going really well and everyone's great. I'm very happy for him." D'aww.

This small bit of info makes me really happy because, one, his friend is happy, and two, the bandmates still keep in touch. And not only just keep in touch, it sounds like they're much closer than I thought they were. Styles continued when asked if he'd be the baby's godfather,

"I think it's a roll of the dice to be honest. I think there's a lot of people who Liam has in mind, but I'm not going to add any extra pressure. If it came my way, I would be honored."
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Styles being Payne's baby's godfather would be the perfect culmination of fans' wildest dreams. It means they'll be friends for life and can you imagine the sweet photos of Styles and the Payne-Cole baby? Everyone knows that Styles looks adorable with dogs and everything cute, and I think he'd be a lovely godfather with tons of love, inspiration, and advice to give his possible 1D godchild. Plus, he can totally embarrass Payne by sharing some stories from their boy band days when the baby is older. I've thought about this a lot, clearly.

Along with possibly becoming the world's cutest godfather, Styles has an incredible year of firsts in his career ahead of him. He has just released his first solo single and is scheduled to perform it on SNL on April 15. Styles' debut album is rumored to be released this spring.

Following that, Styles' first film, Dunkirk, will be released this summer, on July 21, so he's definitely going to need some family and friend time to keep him grounded in the wild ride to come.

He is clearly going to be busy this year, but Styles becoming a godfather could be just the icing on the cake. As a response to his single, Payne and Niall Horan have publicly congratulated him and it is wonderful to see them be supportive to each other and remain close to loved ones in these next phases in their lives. Sigh. They're all growing up.