Love Islander Dani's Hair Has Got People Talking & Honestly We're So Confused

Dani Dyer may have come into Love Island most famous for being the daughter of acting and East End legend, Danny Dyer, but since being in the villa she's won over the public with her supportive, no-nonsense ways. There's now something else about the 21-year-old barmaid that is catching the eye of viewers though, and — no — it's not her adorable relationship with pen salesmen turned Islander impressions expert, Jack Fincham. What Dani is now getting flack — not the Caroline version — about from viewers is her seemingly changing hair colour. So, has Dani from Love Island changed her hair colour?

According to OK! magazine, Dani joined the Love Island villa as a brunette with subtle highlights of blonde. Her lush hair do apparently came courtesy of the handy work of one celebrity hairstylist, Carl Bembridge, who has previously styled the hairs of reality TV and Love Island veterans including Megan McKenna, Amber Davies, and Olivia Attwood. Dani has also cropped up on numerous social media posts linked to Carl Bembridge, so I'm inclined to believe this is indeed the case.

So, that's the situation with Dani's hair immediately prior to entering the Love Island villa. But, what is it about Dani's luscious locks that has got people talking ever since?

Dani is one of the original Islanders to join this series of Love Island, and thus has been in the villa for almost three weeks. As those weeks have passed, more and more Love Island viewers have been discussing Dani's hair on the ITV2 reality dating series via their own social media feeds. What are they talking about, you ask?

Well, certain viewers and social media commentators couldn't help but notice Dani's hair appears to be getting lighter night-to-night and have come up with some series as to why. Seriously, step aside Conviction: Murder in Suburbia armchair detectives. These Love Island hair obsessives are putting you to major shame.

Below are just a few of the reactions to Dani's changing hair colour.

In short, there are a number of theories about Dani Dyer's seemingly changing hair colour making the rounds online, and they seem to range from Dani dying her hair in the villa itself, to Love Island bosses sneaking Dani to the nearest hair salon. Also floating around the Twitter-sphere is the much more simple theory that all that time spent in the hot Spanish sun is actually lightening Dani's hair, which, of course, would totally makes sense.

But, could the real culprit for Dani's Love Island hair colour change actually be the villa's perfect-looking swimming pool? Why, yes, actually.

In an article discussing the dangers of holiday hair, Liz Earle Wellbeing Magazine references one common holiday hair disaster as the development of a greenish tinge. The tinge, it is believed, is a common side effect of extensive time spent in a swimming pool. And, while viewers haven't seen Dani in the pool a lot, there are plenty of hours of the Islanders time that aren't broadcast. Thus, the possibility of Dani being a total water babe and that's the reason for her hair colour change is not one I'm going to dismiss just yet.


So, how does the swimming pool actually turn dyed hair green?

Well, despite the old wives tale stating the greenish tinge is a result of the hair being regularly exposed to chlorine in the pool water, Liz Earle Wellbeing Magazine explains that the greenification of holiday hair is actually most likely due to traces of metal from the pool's purification system. Nevertheless, Chlorine can definitely exacerbate this process, so it's not your friend, either.

To conclude, it's more than exposure to possible metals in the pool water has led to Dani's changing hair colour, or that — because of those complications and/or other factors — she simply asked producers to have it re-dyed. Or, maybe Dani's changing hair is simply the result of sun-bleaching.

Either way, until Dani reveals the truth about her hair, the mystery continues.

Love Island airs on ITV2, Sunday to Friday at 9 p.m.