Disney Flip Flops Are Here To Make Your Summer Brighter

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy Havaianas

Summer is coming up fast, which means a shoe-swap is in your near future. Out with the ankle boots and in with the sandals, my friends. Thankfully, Disney flip-flops are here to make your transition a little more fun. Havaianas Disney Millennial shoe line is filled with fun styles featuring your favorite characters that are only available through the brand. So if you thought this shoe style was too basic for your closet, think again.

Whether you're the biggest Disney fan of the bunch or just looking to add a little quirky into your wardrobe, Havaianas has you covered. The brand teamed up with Disney to create a six-piece flip flop collection that features some of your favorite Disney characters. I'm not just talking your typical Disney princesses, either. This collection features The Nightmare Before Christmas, Muppets, Alice In Wonderland, and Beauty And The Beast prints on the bottom of the shoes. So you can carry your obsession with you everywhere you go.

You Can Shop The Havaianas Disney Millennial Shoe Line At

The Disney Millennial line will launch of the Havaianas website on Apr. 17. This is a limited edition collection though, so set your alarms and get over to the website on launch day. Everything Disney sells out extremely fast, and I'm willing to bet that this shoe collab will be the same.

Courtesy Havaianas

Top Millennial Nightmare Sandal, $26, Havaianas

These aren't your typically Disney-splattered shoe designs, either. Each flip-flop features a specific character and adds it into a colorful print. So you're not just getting a Disney shoe, this is pretty much a work of art. Although the price will vary depending on style, the line will start at $30. The styles will only be around for a limited time though.

Courtesy Havaianas

Top Millennial Chesire Cat Sandal, $30, Havaianas

This isn't the only movie-inspired shoe that the brand has. If you're looking to stock up on quirky summer shoes, the website has everything you could possible need Havaianas has been working with Disney on tons of other creations as well. There's the Disney Bridal Collection that has Swarovski crystals on it, Mickey & Minnie Mouse designs, and even some with movie quotes on them.

Courtesy Havaianas

Top Millennial Muppets Sandal, $26, Havaianas

Mark those calendars, people. Because this is one summer launch that you won't want to miss out on.