Have Any 'Naked Attraction' Couples Stayed Together? There's A Seriously Sweet Success Story

Channel 4 / Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction is back for a brand new series, and the Channel 4 dating show will once again attempt help singletons find love in a very unusual setting. Yes, the dating series in which contestants are judged solely by their genitals has returned for an impressive fifth run after first premiering back in 2016. But have any of the Naked Attraction couples stayed together? Here's everything we currently know.

After some digging, it appears the Channel 4 series has produced at least one lasting relationship. However, for more info on the matter, I have reached out to the broadcaster for comment, and will update with any new information the minute it becomes available.

Perhaps the most recent promising relationship to emerge from Naked Attraction is that of Gemma Warren and James North, both of whom appeared in the 2017 series of the show. As reported by The Sun, the couple first met after Gemma selected James from a lineup of six potential dates — all of whom where completely nude (because, why not?). Following their stint on the unconventional dating series, the pair revealed that marriage is very much on the cards, and Gemma previously discussed her partner's relationship with her two children. According to OK! Magazine, the Naked Attraction star revealed, "They get on a like a house on fire and my family find the way we met hilarious. We’re hoping to move in together next year and marry one day. It may seem mad that I saw my boyfriend naked before I knew anything about him, but it worked and we’re so happy. It’s good to see each other naked first — you don’t have to worry later on about whether they’ll fancy you."

According to The Sun, Gemma also discussed her first encounter with James, which took place whilst filming the Channel 4 series. During an interview with Closer Magazine, she revealed, "I kept catching his eyes and he’d smile at me. It was like we had a connection. He seemed genuine and, when I got naked and we hugged, it wasn’t awkward. He complimented my body, which gave me a confidence boost as I was worried I didn’t look good after having kids."

Shedding more light on the Naked Attraction filming process is former-contestant Gavin, who during an interview with iNews, revealed exactly what it's like to appear on the Channel 4 dating show. In the interview, Gavin explained that contestants who make it through the gruelling audition process are not paid for their time on the show, and when discussing the on-set atmosphere, the former-Naked Attraction star revealed, "It was all very good fun, good banter. It’s sort of what you get in a football dressing room, everyone taking the piss out of themselves. Most of the people who appear on the show are quite like-minded."

As mentioned previously, Naked Attraction returns for a fifth series on Wednesday, August 21 at 10 p.m. on Channel 4 — and fingers crossed some of this year's contestants go on to find their perfect match.