You Can Get HEART-SHAPED Reese's Puffs This Valentine’s Day

If you already thought that cereal was the height of romance (and who doesn't), get ready to take things up a notch. While many people will be celebrating Valentine's Day by eating at fancy restaurants, dancing in the glow of candlelight, or maybe having a luxurious bath, you have the opportunity to capture real romance. It involves, as all romance does, peanut butter. And chocolate, of course. Heart-shaped Reese's Puffs have arrived for Valentine's day — and they're just in the nick of time.

How much better could your Valentine's Day get if you started it with some chocolate and peanut butter deliciousness? A whole lot better, that's how much. Whether you're paired up for V-Day or flying solo, it's hard to imagine a day that couldn't be made better with some candy-inspired breakfast cereal — and if you want to have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner then who's to judge?

One of the lucky people who has stumbled across this work of culinary genius is junkfoodmom, who spotted them at Kroger. BUT IT GETS BETTER. She noticed that these little beauties seem to have a stronger peanut butter flavor than the normal variety which, if this is true, is sure to have the entire country clutching our damn pearls.

Although the normal box comes in at 11.5 ounces, if you really want to invest in your Valentine's Day happiness, you can go for the 29-ounce bulk pack — that way you and your partner may be able to have more than enough to go around without any relationship breakdowns happening on Valentine's Day. What if you're living that broke college life? General Mills has announced that these heart-shaped beauties will be available on college campuses and dining halls.

All jokes aside, it can be difficult to come up with ways to celebrate Valentine's Day that aren't cheesy. So many gestures feel over-the-top or a little forced, so having a silly way to inject a little Valentine's Day spirit into your day sounds a lot more relaxed — and more fun — than some other Valentine's Day celebrations.

We tend to go for the same dinner out year after year for Valentine's Day. In fact, data from Foursquare, Reserve, GrubHub, and Google Trends found that couples tend to go for sushi, French, Italian, and Spanish food again and again. Every year, there's an uptick in going to the same types of restaurants that we perceive as "fancy". (It turns out single people stick with fries and wings on February 14th, which sounds like a pretty delicious idea.) But if you're in a couple and want to really break the mold, sticking with something more casual might be a fun way to mix it up — and maybe some cereal and Netflix is the right choice for you in 2019. Maybe.

There's no right way to celebrate Valentine's Day — and if you feel like you want to go all out and dress to the nines, go for it. If you want to stay in with friends and enjoy the oh-so-classy pairing of popcorn and white wine, go for that. If you want to ignore it completely, that works too. But if you want some peanut butter and chocolate flavor in bite-sized form, then Reese's has you covered.