Every Super Bowl 2017 Commercial So Far


If you're slightly less interested in watching a bunch of athletes slam into a bunch of other athletes for millions of dollars, you may only tune into the Super Bowl for the commercials. Or rather, in the past, that's how you would have to see how advertisers spent millions of dollars to fund their organizations and products. But not anymore. As we near Super Bowl 51, there are already plenty of spots that have meandered onto the Internet. No aimless hours of eating chips and salsa on the couch needed.

Or, OK, that's not entirely true. Something common in the modern aughts of the Super Bowl is to tease potential commercials, and later on get their money's worth in the breaks during the big game. Here's looking at you, Snickers. But if you're looking to get your fix now, and maybe side-step some of the advertorial fanfare for something more exciting this year, or just want a heads up of what spots you can DVR forward, I have you covered.

From website generators to luxury cars and all the celebrities trying to endorse them, I've rounded up all the Super Bowl ads (and the ads for the ads) together for your viewing pleasure.


Car ads make up the majority of each Super Bowl commercial break, and this year is no different. That said, this is the only car ad that makes a point about equal pay.

Avocados From Mexico

I don't know how well this is going to fair now with that whole avocado ban, but Jon Lovitz is doing a great job here.


Budweiser does a beautiful job as telling the story of it's founding, tapping into the immigrant discussion by showing the company was, in fact, founded by a German immigrant Adolphus Busch.


In which looks are exceptionally deceiving and you can be anyone you want if you really believe... or choose not to believe. Including Miranda Kerr.

Buffalo Wild Wings

This teaser sums it up concisely: "What the Favre is going on?" Because it's looking like Brett Favre is being remotely controlled to throw footballs into the lake... but for what point and purpose?


Febreze is really angling to be the saving grace during your halftime bathroom break.


Yup, there's definitely something pure about this Fiji commercial.


So if you buy a Ford you don't ever have to worry about being stuck. Good to know.


We have a new approach from GoDaddy this year: famed meme Sneezing Panda provides an ominous question about where the internet lives.


Intel wants to show you just how epic everything can look in 360 replay mode, even when it's just Tom Brady eating pancakes off the floor.


You have two Colonel Sanders, and one has a gold face. America.


A wild ride which has Melissa McCarthy trying to save the whales, the trees, the ice caps, the rhinos, and basically the whole planet... with not shortage of pitfalls.

King's Hawaiian

This one teaches you a wise lesson about trying to hoard King's Hawaiian buns (which... everyone does, right?)


Magnificently choreographed to Sia's "Move Your Body." Not sure if it'll get me to snag a luxury car, though, when my wallet's saying no.


Basically the most magical rainfall of all time.

Mercedes Benz

A very fun commercial that should appeal to the post-retirement crisis your baby boomer dad is going through.

Mr. Clean

Never before has that bald king of cleanliness seemed so sexy. I get the appeal, though; I'm attracted to anyone that'll mop my floors.

National Geographic

In an unprecedented move National Geographic will be pushing out the trailer for "Genius," an upcoming Albert Einstein biopic that looks, no joke, totally amazing.


Well, it looks like Nintendo is bringing collaborative, portable gaming to that next level.


A little Romeo is trying to get his love interest's attention by shooting Skittles at her window, and everyone, everyone, is capitalizing on this boy's affections. Including mom, dad, nana, a burglar, the cop sent to arrest the burglar, the family gopher...


I don't know what this will eventually, be because it's going to be shot live with Adam Driver. But this should give you a taste of what's to come.


Apparently you don't have to fake your own death to get out of your Verizon contract. Who knew?


John Malkovich is so aggravated that his name has been co-opted by a fellow John Malkovich to create the Ultimate Fishing Site.

Tiffany's & Co.

We're getting snippets of what Lady Gaga's Tiffany's commercial will be like, but it's evident just from the sneak peaks that she's serving up some serious Hepburn realness.


Checking in with Celebration Expert himself, Justin Bieber.


Warning: Humpty Dumpty, post-fall.


This ad has Wendy's promising you they're not serving up loads of gross frozen patties. Cool news.


Starring Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot as she and her magnificent legs take down an entire restaurant. Jason Statham is also there, and it looks like we're all getting personal websites in 2017.

Wonderful Pistachio

I can't imagine just how much 15 seconds of this talking CGI elephant even cost, but I'm here for it.

Google Home

This commercial will definitely make you a little teary, as it shows many different kinds of families coming home to each other.

'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'

That's right — Baby Groot is back! The wait until its May 2 release is going to feel even longer now that we've gotten a look at the excitement ahead.


Multiple superheroes showed up for the Super Bowl, with the latest installment of the Wolverine franchise dropping a trailer shortly after Guardians.


All of the Super Bowl commercials had great musical selections, but this one definitely takes the cake by having Christopher Walken perform a dramatic reading of "Bye Bye Bye."