The First Super Bowl Hair Care Commercial Is Here

I'm going to be real with you: I'm not the biggest football fan. All season long I feel pretty meh about it, but when the Super Bowl comes around you better bet my butt is locked in its seat for four straight hours (with a bowl of chili in hand, of course) mostly for the commercials. And yeah, fine, sometimes the halftime show.

But as entertaining as the commercials are (fingers crossed they bring back that hilarious talking baby), there's one thing that's notably always missing: Commercials for women. There are beer commercials, car commercials, and meat commercials that usually feel specifically targeted toward men, and tend to forget that there are lady football fans out there, too. What gives, ad dollars? According to the Washington Post, women make up approximately 45 percent of the NFL's American fans. That's pretty much half, guys — what gives?

Beyond the regular football season, there are millions of women who will be tuning in for the Super Bowl (me), whether or not they are diehard Patriots fans or had a fantasy football team. Finally, one brand has taken notice: This year, It's A 10 Haircare will debut their first-ever Super Bowl commercial in a national 30-second spot.

The brand is owned by renowned hair stylist Carolyn Aranson, and will be the first privately owned and female owned professional hair care company to lock in a prime-time Super Bowl spot. Talk about a major win not only for beauty lovers, but for women!

In the name of inclusivity (and we could all use a little bit of that right about now, couldn't we?) the ad will showcase both women’s and men’s product launches. “There is no better way to reach a captive audience of men and women, not to mention their hair stylists and barbers, simultaneously,” says Aronson. Pretty cool, huh?

Whether the Patriots or the Steelers take home the trophy after this year's game, the real victor will be the football-loving beauty fans. Let's hope this marks a change for the future of football and Super Bowl commercials. More hair and makeup ads, please! It only makes sense, and it's about damn time.