LUSH's New Sparkle Jars Will Give You The Perfect Winter Glow

Courtesy of LUSH

While most people are picking up pumpkin spice beauty products left and right, a select few are keeping eyes peeled for holiday collection roll-outs. From Too Faced's Pretty Little Planner to ColourPop's holiday arrivals at Sephora, there's a lot to be excited about. Now, LUSH's holiday collection has been revealed, and the handmade, ethical company is embracing one of beauty's biggest trends: highlighting.

No, LUSH hasn't crafted a gorgeous metallic pressed powder highlight — but fans can always dream, right? The brand has, however, made body glitter cool again with their new Sparkle Jars. If the product's name alone is enough to get you stoked for the brand's holiday release, just wait until you hear what it can do.

The latest creation combines two of LUSH's most popular products. The jars resemble LUSH's moisturizing massage bars, giving the skin a hydration boost. But it's the inside of the Sparkle Jar, however, where the real magic begins. The brand's Dusting Powder rests inside the star and moon shaped bars. Simply poke holes in the spots marked on the product and sprinkle the powder over your newly moisturized skin. You'll instantly have a gorgeous glow that doesn't make you look like you're trying to cosplay a mermaid IRL.

Courtesy of LUSH

The Sparkle Jars also embrace LUSH's commitment to reducing packaging waste. Like the Bubble Bars and Massage Bars, the Sparkle Jar requires no packaging. The jar can be used until there is literally nothing left of this skin softening and glow-creating goodie.

Courtesy of LUSH

If you can't wait to get your hands on the Sparkle Jars, you may want to tie yourself over with other LUSH goods for a bit. After all, the holiday collection isn't set to launch until mid-October.

There is good news, though. Despite being two products in one, the Sparkle Jars are still affordable. Ringing in at only $9.95, these beauties should definitely be on your shopping list.

Mark your calendars for LUSH holiday's mid-October launch date, and be sure the Sparkle Jars are on your shopping list. The two-in-one product is the latest innovation from the brand, and it can't be missed.