Here's Everything In Torrid's 'Wonder Woman' Capsule Collection

by James Hale

Wonder Woman is set to hit theaters June 2, and if you're anything like me, your excitement for this movie could be hitting critical mass. If it's soul-crushingly daunting to stare down the weeks till your already-booked midnight showing, plus size retailer Torrid's sweet new Wonder Woman capsule collection is here with a much-needed dose of Diana's beauty and grace to tide you over.

Torrid debuted the eight-piece, superhero-studded collection on May 16. The capsule campaign stars body-positive blogger and Instagrammer Roxy Reyes modeling each piece, from this rad AF Daughters of Themyscira satin bomber jacket to this starry, summer-perfect skirt to this reversible skater dress—one side is Diana's armor, and the other is her classic Wonder Woman sigil.

"Modeling for the Her Universe for Torrid Wonder Women Collection was such an empowering experience," Reyes tells Bustle in an email. "I had the honor to dress up and be Wonder Woman for a day and represent women who are superheroes in their everyday lives."

"Empowering" is exactly what Torrid wants this collection to be, says Kate Horton, Torrid's senior vice president and general merchandising manager. "And what superhero embodies girl power more than Wonder Woman? We’re thrilled to offer plus size fans a collection that is bold and kick-ass, just like Wonder Woman," she tells Bustle.

Pieces in the exclusive collection range from $38.90 to $88.90, and are available in sizes up to 30.

Check out some of our favorite looks below.

1. Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Her Universe Wonder Woman Faux Leather Moto Jacket, $89, Torrid

Everything about this jacket says "I can absolutely drag both Batman and Superman out of the fire with one hand and I'll use the other hand to punch everyone else in the face. At the same time."

2. Lasso Skater Dress

Her Universe Wonder Woman Lasso Skater Dress, $79, Torrid

Having Diana's actual lasso would be pretty awesome, but at least with this dress you'll know one thing's true: You look amazing.

3. Off Shoulder Tunic Sweater

Her Universe Wonder Woman Off Shoulder Tunic Sweater, $65, Torrid

This sweater is the perfect piece to wear to a chilly movie theater. Or on a date. Or while slaying the enemies of all that is good. Y'know. #justwonderwomanthings

June 2 may seem an eternity away, but Torrid's Wonder Woman swag will make the wait — and being a casual superhero in your everyday life — a little easier. Thank Hera for that!