Obama Is Still Looking Super Chill

by Ann-Derrick Gaillot
Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While much of America was feeling the wrath of Winter Storm Stella or awaiting the release of Donald Trump's tax returns, some lucky folks in the Southwest and Hawaii were enjoying spring break with beautiful sunny weather. And while Hawaii has experienced some severe weather of its own this winter, Oahu enjoyed passing clouds and a high of 82 yesterday. One of the people taking in the sunshine was Barack Obama as he played a game of golf.

Celebrity news website TMZ released photos of the former president practicing his putt and just generally chilling on a golf course on March 14. And he's glowing, people. Newsweek reported that Obama's visit to the Mid Pacific Country Club included much less security detail than had been required for him in the past. Instead of the usual 34 golf carts, Obama's Secret Service took only five. Just the day before, he had been in Omaha, Nebraska, meeting with Warren Buffet, but soon escaped for sunnier weather in Silicon Valley and then Oahu.

It's unclear just how long Obama will be relaxing in Hawaii, but if you're trapped in Arctic conditions, and even if you're not, take a short break with the pictures of Obama on vacation.

Hawaii News Now reported that Obama's visit caught many folks on the island by surprise. He was spotted at a steakhouse in Kailua on Monday evening and out for Thai food on Tuesday evening. But it was his visit to the golf course that gave photographers a chance to capture him in full vacation mode.

As you may remember, Trump criticized Obama numerous times for taking golf trips and vacations during his presidency. But the 45th president has taken a number of his own since his inauguration on Jan. 20. And while Obama was taking it easy in Oahu, Trump and the White House were in the middle of a media frenzy leading up to Rachel Maddow releasing Trump's 2005 tax returns to the public.

It's unclear exactly where Michelle was spending her Tuesday. But it's safe to assume she was either also chilling or, on the flip side, working really hard to achieve something super important. From their post-inauguration trips to Palm Springs and the British Virgin Islands to this latest visit to Hawaii, it seems the Obamas are enjoying their version of civilian life to the fullest. Now if only they could take the rest of us with them.