This Is What 'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Looked Like In HS

Bob Leverone/ABC

Rachel Lindsay is deep into her Bachelorette journey to find true love, but before the Dallas lawyer was on The Bachelor or a legal eagle, she went to high school just like everyone else. According to the Dallas Morning News' Guide Live, Rachel Lindsay in high school sounds like a super cool person. Her hometown newspaper reported that she graduated from Dallas' First Baptist Academy, where she played guard and forward on the women's basketball team.

Rachel herself hasn't posted any throwback pics of her teenage years, but Guide Live dug up some photos of Rachel in high school posing with the basketball team, which can be viewed along with the article on their website. Rachel told the publication that she gave herself the nickname "Big Rach" to compensate for her shortness on the team. "I was trying to sound bigger than I was," she said in May. "When they announced me as a 5-foot-4 post, it didn't come off too well, so I had them call me Big Rach and it kinda stuck." Rachel also spent her summers at track meets and swim camp, according to Guide Live.

"I ran summer track as a six-year-old, and did it all the way to high school. In high school, I also did basketball," Rachel told ESPNW in an interview in May. "In college, I just didn't have the time or dedication to do it, so I played intramural basketball all throughout college."

After high school, Rachel followed her passion for sports by earning a degree in sports management at the University of Texas at Austin and graduating from the Marquette University Law School with a concentration in sports law, according to the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers. The legal organization picked Rachel as "one to watch" for her achievements in law, The Bachelor, and her efforts in volunteering. She is currently an associate litigation attorney at the Dallas law firm Cooper & Scully, P.C.

She may be long out of high school, but Rachel has since returned — as a reading, writing, and SAT prep tutor at Beacon Hill Preparatory Institute, according to the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers. And as Bachelorette viewers know, Rachel recently had an eventful group date in a high school gym, where her contestants played basketball with help from legendary NBA player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — and DeMario's supposed girlfriend showed up.

Rachel's passion for sports in her youth clearly followed her into adulthood — and to her time on The Bachelorette as well.