What Daya By Zendaya Looks On Many Body Types

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I’m finding it harder and harder to describe what Zendaya actually does, and I mean that in the most flattering way possible. The woman is fiercely talented in so many different aspects, it’s hard for me to determine which title to call out first. She’s an actress, a singer, a dancer, an app creator, and now, the 20-year-old is adding fashion designer to her resume. Last September, Zendaya launched Daya By Zendaya with the help of celebrity stylist Law Roach, and if you haven't already seen it, you're missing out.

Daya By Zendaya offers a gorgeous selection of streetwear chic threads that includes everything from sheer button-ups and silk midi dresses to gold-accented jogger sets and denim jumpsuits. It resembles something you’d expect to see come down the runway of a seasoned fashion veteran. The design, the cuts, the fabrics, the prints — Yeezy and Marc Jacobs-loving fashionistas will fall hard for Daya. But that's not even the best part.

Every piece from Daya By Zendaya is designed with a wide range of bodies in mind and comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL (0 to 22). While some brands still claim that it isn't profitable to offer plus sizes, Daya By Zendaya is one of a growing number of apparel companies that know otherwise and are working to be more inclusive. However, while brands like Daya are making a difference, it should be noted that going up to a size 22 still doesn't mean everyone will be able to wear the clothes.

According to Bloomberg, 66 percent of women in the United States identify as plus size and yet, there is a huge hole in the market for stylish and trendy clothing lines that meet the demand. The good news is that there are a handful of retailers like ASOS and Rebdolls that are catering to a very overlooked demographic and offer clothing in sizes up to 30 and 32, but there is a long way to go for the fashion industry. Because Zendaya is such a strong supporter of body positivity and self-love, I'm hopeful that she'll continue to add more sizes to her collection (fingers crossed).

Still, the fact that Zendaya's line comes in sizes from 0 to 22 makes it one of the more inclusive lines available today. To determine how dope her line actually is in real life, we decided to put Daya By Zendaya to the test and see what the pieces look like on six women of different shapes and sizes. Here's what each woman had to say about how Daya By Zendaya made her feel.

Dale, Size 0/2

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(Lace-Up Cropped Sweatshirt, $29,; Lace-Up Sweatpants, $39,; Tri-Color Faux Fur Coat, $36.99,; Kaylor Open Toe Buckle Strap Bootie, $76.97,

"The clothes are incredibly fun and wearable. My favorite was the white lace up sweatshirt, and I could have lived in the matching pants all day."

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"Everything went so effortlessly well together. The pink coat was also incredibly wonderful and cozy."

Ashley, Size 4/6

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(Velour One-Shoulder, $29.99,; Metallic Rose Gold Booties, $27,

"The Daya by Zendaya jumpsuit made me feel like an indestructible and confident woman. I wanted to seize the day!"

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"The entire line is so affordable, too. [You don't] have to feel horrible about draining your bank account in order to be fashionable."

Faith, Size 8/10

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(Lace-Up Cropped Sweatshirt, $29,; Quilted Jogger, $27,; Kaylor Open Toe Buckle Strap Bootie, $76.97,

"As a plus model, being given the opportunity to wear something that makes you feel strong, empowered, and beautiful is a big deal. You know you've found a remarkable line when it embraces different shapes, cultures, and styles."

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"Daya by Zendaya brings out an unapologetic beauty in women, no matter their size. It's about time we got a taste of that!"

Anansa, Size 12/14

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(Lace-Up Cropped Sweatshirt, $29,; Lace-Up Sweatpants, $39,

"I absolutely love the Daya by Zendaya clothes! They fit my curves like a glove!"

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"The line is modern, edgy, sexy, and comfortable. It's so hard to find that combo. I was definitely turning heads in her clothes."

Ashourina, Size 16/18

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(Sheer Printed Bodycon Dress; $24.99,

"When we were shooting this project, they gave me the dress and they also gave me the option to wear a tank top underneath. But when I saw the dress, I didn't feel like I needed one. I'm way over being ashamed of my body and I wanted to model it the way it was meant to be seen, curves and all."

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"The Daya by Zendaya line looks amazing, but the confident and powerful feeling it gives you wearing it makes it that much better."

Ximena, Size 20/22

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(Quilted Kimono Wrap Jacket, $37.50,; Quilted Jogger, $27,

"I think it's really amazing that someone with as much influence in the media as Zendaya has created a line that is all inclusive and caters to plus size girls as well. We all just want to be trendy and fashionable and feel confident, so I love that Zendaya thought to include us. "

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"The outfits were all super cute and definitely the type of clothes that make a statement."

To shop the entire Daya by Zendaya collection, head over to their website here.

Images: Hannah Burton/Bustle; Hair and Makeup by Bethany Brill using Butter London