Here’s Why People Are Mad About Kylie Jenner’s Newest Birthday Collection

Kylie Cosmetics

While Kylie Jenner's beauty launches usually are received with applause and excitement, her newest release is being met with some criticism. Kylie Jenner's Birthday Collection is making some customers mad this time around, and they're taking to social media to express their concerns.

Earlier this month, Jenner released a massive teaser for her Birthday Collection on Snapchat, posting photos and videos of the new lip kits, eye shadows, brushes, and more for her big 2-0. It being her second Birthday Collection got people hyped, thanks to a lot of glitter and pink packaging that couldn't be ignored.

After just one day, the second Birthday Collection almost sold out — which isn't unusual for Jenner's products. But it was met with criticism for lots of her buyers. Many expressed frustration with the pricing, since it's about double the price of her first collection. Last year's Birthday Collection retailed for $195, and this year's retails for $325.

Full disclosure: Her second Birthday Collection does include a rhinestone-encrusted lip gloss, so that's probably why pricing isn't the same as her original collection from last year.

When Kylie Cosmetics sent out a tweet with the pricing on July 30, that's when all the negative reactions started sprouting up. The tweet included a photo of the collection next to the price list of each item and as a whole bundle.

With over 2,000 retweets and 341 replies, it stirred quite the reaction.

DIY-ers, pay attention.

People aren't afraid to say what they're thinking.

This tweeter even included this lovely photo of Biden.

It does look pretty luxurious...

This one's throwing shaaaaade.

Even some of her biggest fans are speaking out.

With all of these tweets, though, it looks like some of the prices may have been lowered.

Or was this simply a misunderstanding?

Even with a price drop, some still don't want to purchase.

It's definitely worth a try.

To get an idea of what's in the collection, here's a recap:

A whole lot of pretty pinks.

That "I want it all" palette pretty much sums up everyone's feelings.

Unfortunately, having it all came with a price tag many felt like they couldn't afford. For some, they felt like it was simply too much.

So while the makeup mogul's product launches are usually met with pure joy and excitement, this Birthday Collection launch definitely ran into some criticism. But hey, the collection nearly sold out in one day.

Such is life. While some felt that the collection was overpriced and decided to pass, others happily purchased one for themselves. However you feel, you can't deny Jenner's hustle.