Here's When Kylie Will Debut Her New Birthday Collection

It seems like only yesterday Kylie Jenner fans were being graced with the reveal of her Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition collection, but when you love Kylie Cosmetics, can you ever get enough? The second Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection is on its way, and no matter how great previous collections have been or how many there are, the hype will always be real for new Kylie Cosmetics products.

When will you get your first look at the second Birthday Collection? According to a Snapchat from Jenner and an Instagram post from Kylie Cosmetics, Monday, July 24 will be the day Jenner debuts her new Kylie Birthday Collection to the world. Based on the few teases she's given fans, this collection could be her cutest yet.

In her initial post on Instagram, a pastel pink box is hidden beneath hot pink sand, and it seems to give a hint that this collection could be Jenner's most feminine. In a follow-up post to both her Snapchat and Instagram, Jenner unveils the box — that could be a potential bundle — which is totally on trend in millennial pink with a huge silk bow tied around the top. While these clues are small, they're telling. Jenner's packaging is almost always themed to match her collections.

While it may be a stretch, between Snapchats of teaser images, Jenner also showed off a gorgeous purple eyeshadow. The shade is unlike anything currently available from Kylie Cosmetics, and it begs the question of whether the look she's rocking could be from the new collection.

Kylie Jenner/Snapchat

Jenner's first birthday collection was a gorgeous gold-themed selection of products. From the bundle's packaging to the Lip Kit caps, everything was wrapped in gold. If history repeats itself, fans may be in store for a gorgeous pink collection. After all, Jenner has already created gorgeous pink products for niece Penelope.

If you want to know if a pink-themed Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection is coming, be sure to tune into her social media on Monday, July 24. The reveal is sure to be a production, and since it's Kylie Cosmetics, it's also sure to be gorgeous.