Here's How Students Can Get Free Acne Patches This Month With No Fine Print

Going back to school with a zit forming is a no-go, but one cult favorite beauty brand is here to make sure that scenario doesn't happen. Hero Cosmetics is giving away free acne patches for back-to-school college students, ensuring your first week back will be pimple-free. Specifically, Hero Cosmetics is giving away free Mighty Patch Original and Mighty Patch Invisible+ sample packs, which include one sheet of six patches. Hero Cosmetics' promotion runs from Aug. 19 to Sept. 19, making its cult-favorite acne patches available to all students who want to go back to school blemish-free.

“Feeling self-conscious about acne-prone skin can take all the fun out of reuniting with friends and classmates,” says Hero Cosmetics’ CEO and co-founder, Ju Rhyu. “In an effort to fulfill our mission of helping people feel confident despite their acne, we’re excited to offer free patches to students battling breakouts so they can head back to school worrying less about their pimples and focusing more on school.”

The Might Patch Original is one of the brand's best-selling products. It's a nighttime acne patch, which comes in the form of a circular hydrocolloid acne sticker. The sticker goes over a blemish, and it acts as a protective cover that also prevents you from touching and picking at it. You put on the small patch overnight, and the formula helps clean the zit. It also helps to absorb fluids from your blemish, leaving you with clearer skin.

The Mighty Patch Invisible+ also draws out pus like the original, but it's whisper-thin and great to wear during the day. It's much more invisible than the original, thanks to its tapered edges which help the patch blend into the skin.

You can even put concealer on top of the patch to help it disappear into your complexion. The also comes in two different sizes thanks to customer feedback. (Not all zits come in the same sizes, after all.)

In order to claim your free acne patch sample sheets, you have to have an .edu email address. Just go to Hero Cosmetics' website, input your school email address and school name, and you will be sent the care package. The package includes both Mighty Patch Original and Invisible+ sample sheets, as well as one Hero Cosmetics collectible sticker.

Shortly after entering your student email address, you will receiver a special discount code to use on the website to order the samples. Students will have to pay one dollar for shipping, and the patches will be sent to your front door, letting you build your pimple emergency kit.

Hero Cosmetics' Mighty Patches have a lot of pros to them. First, you don't have to mess around with white, obvious zit cream. The acne patches give you a cleaner and faster way to fight white heads. According to the brand, it is also 50 percent stronger than what is out on the market. Hero Cosmetics' ultra high-grade hydrocolloid has more pus-extracting power than other zit products. And since its patches are transparent, they work on all skin tones.

Make sure your first day back to school is blemish free, and for free.