Holly & Michie Had A Blowout Fight On 'Big Brother' 21

Monty Brinton/CBS

There's only one showmance left in the Big Brother house, but soon, there could be none. Holly and Michie had a huge fight on Big Brother 21, as shown on the Sept. 4 episode, and it could affect their games moving forward. The whole thing started when Holly said she wanted to do little interviews with each houseguest so the live feed watchers could learn more about them. She wanted to call it Hot Takes With Holls. Michie told her not to start that night, because it was a Friday before a holiday weekend (aka maybe not as many people would have been watching the feeds). Holly felt like her idea was being shut down and that Michie was telling her what to do.

Things escalated when Holly made Michie coffee the following morning and he didn't say good morning to her. She then called him a "f*cking a**hole" in front of some of the other houseguests, and he completely shut down. When they did get a chance to talk about it, Michie was furious, saying that his family watches the show and fans watch and the other houseguests also heard what Holly called him. (They also all heard Zingbot call Michie a "pompous douchebag," but he didn't lose it on Zingbot like he did on Holly.)

The fight went on for a long time, and Holly sobbed through most of it. It was honestly hard to watch. It started for petty reasons and it got worse as it escalated and it was just overall bad news for them and for the fans who had to sit through it. (Twice if they watched it live on the feeds and on the show like I did.)

The duo later made up, with Holly saying in the DR, "I just want to keep him in my life. I don't want to lose him," and Michie telling the DR, "At the end of the day, I care about Holly more than anything." But the fight could be a sign of what's to come as the pressure cooker that is the BB house continues on. This is not the first significant argument the couple has had in the house, and Holly has complained that Michie just shuts down when things get tough sometimes which is not how she operates.

She also told Christie she doesn't want to be defined by being in a showmance. She wants to feel like she's worthy and playing this game on her own as well. (She has definitely made an impact on the game, even winning HoH twice, but she still seems insecure about being seen as just one half of a duo.)

Monty Brinton/CBS

Michie was so quick to get petty with her, telling Holly that she was just like his exes. Perhaps that's foreshadowing that she might very well become one of his exes for real. Perhaps Michie will put his foot down again over something like Holly calling him an "**shole" or maybe Holly will decide she wants to play her own game separate from Michie.

They may have made up for now, but the fight showed how quickly things can devolve for them. The game is only going to get tougher from here on out. The cracks that developed during that fight may spread in the coming weeks. Not all BB showmances last, and, as Holly and Michie get down to the end, the tough choices and pressure may get to them. They seem to want to try to stick it out together, but it remains to be seen if Holly and Michie can weather the full BB storm.