Holographic Hair Is Here To Inspire Your Unicorn Goals

by Augusta Statz

Unicorn beauty has been having a major moment lately, and you won’t see this trend die down anytime soon — not that you’d want it to! Just in time for festival season, a new viral sensation has stolen the Internet’s heart. Holographic hair is the latest hair trend, and trust me, when you get a glimpse of these incredible dye jobs — you won’t be able to look away.

Set aside some time because you’re going to be staring at these photos all day. Think of this as a rainbow mane, but taken to the next level. What makes it “holographic” is the multidimensional effect that makes it appear as though it could change colors depending on which angle you view it from. If you were to look at someone’s strands through a prism — it’d look like this. Pretty cool, huh?

Redken colorist Chiala Marvici told Modern Salon that the holographic trend is achieved with a technique called “hand-pressed coloring.” According to PopSugar, this process is carried in this way: “The stylist paints different patterns on a sheet of Plexiglas with dye and then places a section of hair onto the glass, transferring the dye to your strands.” The end result is something magical, too. Go on, have a look for yourself. But, be prepared to fall down the holographic hair rabbit hole, scrolling deeper and deeper, photo after photo.

Isn't it breathtaking?

This is just the kind of thing you need to complete your unicorn beauty routine.

No to mention, you can create some of the most amazing updos with strands like this!

The mix of pastel hues are just gorgeous.

Flowing unicorn mane? Don't mind if I do!

Seriously, I've never seen anything like it.

1. Emojis Needed

This is worth all of the emojis in the world.

2. Too Pretty

Seriously, it's almost too much.

3. In Love

It's got everyone online falling in love.

4. For Real, Though

Enough said.

5. Just Magical

A look like this is other-worldly, that's for sure.

6. Goals

Bring on the beauty inspo!

7. I Want It

Annnd now that you're hooked it's just a matter of finding a hairdresser who can bring this look to life!

Want to get in on this fantastical moment? Can't say I blame you. It's like a fairytale, but, you know, for your hair!