Honest Beauty Now Offers All-Natural, Acne Fighting Skincare

Honest Beauty is officially at it again. They've already mastered makeup and haircare, and now they're at it with skin care as well. According to Allure, Honest Beauty created an anti-acne skin care line that really does work. The five-product line is available to purchase right now, and here's how to get the goods for less.

The brand is diving deep into skin care with their latest Younger + Clearer skin care collection. The collection uses ingredients like retinol and salicylic acid to maintain breakouts while keeping skin smooth and supple all at the same time. The brand new addition to the Honest Beauty family is already available right now on the brand's website.

As far as price goes, the products are actually pretty affordable. You can snag the trio of cleanser, retinol, and lotion for $29 in a bundle, if you're looking to test these items out. The full sized Resurfacing Cleanser is $18 and the Nightly Serum with Honest Beauty Retinol, which Allure says is the winning product, will set you back $38.

Cleanser, Retinol, and Lotion, $29, Honest Beauty

If you decide to bundle all three with the brand's program, you can snag all three of the items for $50. That's a savings of $35, which isn't too shabby. After that you can continue to have the products shipped to your door every month or cancel your bundle subscription, no questions asked.

It's worth noting that this isn't the first skin care product that the brand has launched. They came out with moisturizer and a facial oil, but this is the first time they're put out an entire line. From the looks it their Instagram post, their Younger + Clearer Collection looks to be a permanent part of the Honest Beauty line — just like their other skin care items.

On top of the exciting all-natural retinol and cleanser launch, the brand also has a toner and spot treatment for the very first time. Ready for the best news? Both are under $20. All in all, this collection is extremely affordable, which is a nice surprise considering that their Facial Oil is $55.

With fall on its way, there's no better time to stock up on new skin care items. Honest Beauty's skin care launch comes at the perfect time to try something new and transition into fall. Bottom line: there's no reason not to give it a try.