Honest Beauty's Newest Retailer Will Make It So Easy To Shop The Brand

Honest Company

Forget everything you know about the drugstore, because something big is coming. Brace yourself (and your wallet) for what I'm about to tell you. Honest Beauty will now be sold at Target. *Insert clap-hand emoji here.* While this isn't the first Honest Company product that the store sells, this is the first time you can add their beauty items to your makeup bag.

You already know the real-life joke. You walk into Target only needing toothpaste and hairspray and walk out with an entire cart filled with beauty products, bathing suits, and three pairs of shoes that you don't really need. Well, get ready to add one more brand to the list or random-cart-items. All jokes aside, Honest Beauty will now be sold at Target, which is pretty darn exciting if you ask me. Not only will you have another makeup brand to shop, you'll have a natural option.

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"I believe that everyone deserves to have access to clean beauty products," Jessica Alba told Target. "People are so conscious about what they eat, what they put in their body, what they use to clean with and what they give to their kids, but it’s easy to forget that what we put on our skin is also important, because skin is your body’s largest organ."

Honest Beauty

Up until now, the brand was only sold on the Honest Beauty website and Ulta. This will be the first drugstore to carry the line. Unfortunately, the haircare items will not be sold in-stores, but there are a ton of makeup items coming. Think: over 20 items being added to the beauty aisle.

Honest Beauty

The brand is coming into Target aisles with a bang. Everything from their staple items like moisturizer and makeup removing wipes to their lip crayons and even their Truly Kissable Lip Set will be available at the retailer. Something tells me that this is only the beginning of the partnership too.

Honest Beauty

The exact date to shop the in-store items is Mar. 26. The products, which are mostly under $35, will arrive in 800 Target stores nation-wide. So get those wallets ready, because now you have yet another excuse to shop!