'Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On' Season 2 Isn't Confirmed, But The Netflix Series Deserves More Illuminating Episodes

Courtesy of Netflix

The first season of Netflix's Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On aims to explain how and why the porn industry takes advantage of young women in order to provide inexpensive online content. It's a frequently hard to watch story, but the docuseries tackles it in a very thoughtful way. And with just six episodes in the first season, viewers will want to know if Hot Girls Wanted will return for Season 2. So far, the producers behind the show haven't said anything about a hope for the show's continued existence and Netflix hasn't made any announcements about there being any future seasons of Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On. That's not unusual though, as the streaming service often waits until its series have premiered before announcing a return.

Hot Girls Wanted began its life as a movie that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and was distributed by Netflix in 2015. Since then, the directors of the original film and producer-turned-director Rashida Jones have created a six-part anthology series about six different women working in the porn industry. The premise could easily be renewed for another season, given that each episode tells a different story. And, these are stories that deserve to be told.

Perhaps, once the series airs, Jones and the rest of the crew behind it will start looking forward. But until then, here are a few other documentaries that approach the same subject — the effects of the Internet on porn and relationships — with similar care.

Hot Girls Wanted

moviemaniacsDE on YouTube

Naturally, your first stop should be the feature that the series is based on, in order to get a more general primer on the "amateur professional" porn scene and its effects on both the financial realities of the industry, which is built around free websites, and the exploitation of very young women performers, often only 18 years old.

Sexy Baby

FilmBuff Movies on YouTube

There's also another film from the same team behind the two Hot Girls Wanted projects that is "about sexiness & the cyber age," according to Sexy Baby's official Twitter account. While Hot Girls Wanted is explicitly about porn, Sexy Baby looks at the effects of porn on non-professionals who are consuming it and building their vision of sexuality around what they see.

Filthy Gorgeous: The Bob Guccione Story

FSC Indies On Demand on YouTube

If you're curious what the porn landscape was like before the advent of the Internet, watch this documentary, which tells the story of how Guccione founded the magazine Penthouse.

Naked Ambition

Phase 4 Films on YouTube

Much like Hot Girls Wanted, this documentary looks at how several adult actors and actresses began working in porn, what they find empowering or degrading about their work, and the eccentricities they have that either led them to succeed while working as a porn star or what led them away from a more typical career path.


Jeff Pinilla on YouTube

Kink, the name for sexual interests perceived as outside the mainstream, is not synonymous with porn. But in this documentary, some professional sex workers and porn performers from a kink-specific website are followed as they make video content of some niche interests.

After Porn Ends

Zero Media on YouTube

Another documentary that you can currently stream on Netflix, this film chronicles the struggles of former performers to leave the porn industry and the roadblocks that are in place for someone with a past history of working in porn to transition to another job.

While not everyone may agree on whether porn is an empowering expression of sexuality or inherently problematic in its current condition, these documentaries, along with Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, can help provide some clarity about a fascinating industry.