Hot Pie From 'GoT' Has A Bakery IRL & The Name Is Too Perfect

The second episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 was full of returning characters, and one of the most unexpected (but welcome) returns belonged to Arya's old friend Hot Pie. Last seen in Season 4, Hot Pie is still doing what he loves: baking and staying out of trouble. But here's a real life twist for you, it seems Hot Pie actor Ben Hawkey is a baker just like his character, and the name of his fledgling business is almost too good to be true.

Hawkey sells loaves of Direwolf bread on the London food delivery service Deliveroo, that are much like the one his character gives to Arya when they part ways in Season 3. The name of his business? You Know Nothing John Dough. Go ahead and flail, you know you want to. There's seriously no better name for a Game of Thrones-themed baking business.

For now, Hawkey only sells the one item, and his Direwolf loaves are currently sold out, but they sound delectable. There's no word on whether or not he browns his butter like Hot Pie, but according to Deliveroo, the ingredients include wholewheat cornbread and orange zest. That sounds good enough to make the mouths of any travelers heading toward King's Landing water — never mind their House allegiances.

Before his surprise appearance in Season 7, Hawkey seems to have been keeping busy baking and leading a normal life. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he revealed he rarely gets recognized for Game of Thrones anymore and he only recently watched the show. When asked if he would make another return appearance, he simply told EW, "I'd be happy to come back. But if not, that's good as well."

Given his seemingly laid-back attitude and amazing baking skills, it's no wonder Hawkey had no trouble stepping back into the role of Hot Pie whenever asked. It sounds like it's the role the young actor was born to play. While it would be lovely to see him return to Westeros to dispense more baking tips, seeing Hawkey grow his business is appealing as well.

Maybe all the attention his scrumptious looking Direwolf loaves are getting will inspire him to add more items to his menu — perhaps even a Frey pie (minus the Freys, of course)? Whether you live in London or not, there's no harm in keeping an eye on You Know Nothing John Dough, just in case.