You Can Own Jughead's South Side Serpents Leather Jacket, Thanks To A 'Riverdale' Clothing Line

In an age where nostalgia reigns, bringing the Archie comics back to life on the small screen with Riverdale has fans gasping at every turn. Characters may routinely uncover the town's greatest mysteries, but you've definitely peeped their lewks as they unmask villians. Now, you can steal them in Hot Topic's Riverdale-inspired collection (offers sizes XS-6X), and dress like the baddest River Vixen on the North Side.

The line features clothes derived from the the styles of Betty, Jughead, Veronica, Archie, Cheryl, and Josie & The Pussy Cats. In addition, there's a heavy influence of looks taken from Riverdale's South Side Serpents and the River Vixens. The line also features accessories and home decor to match your secretly hidden Riverdale posters. You're probably psyched! But who wouldn't be when these style icons are at the helm of design inspo?

Thankfully, the cast of Riverdale already wears wearable clothing and that kind of makes this collection even more dope. The line comes complete with serpent sneaks and boots, heels fit for a Lodge, and strappy cherry pumps that only Cheryl would deem appropriate for her high society self.

If you didn't feel like splurging on a costume that you couldn't wear for another year, this where everyday fashion and Halloween come together.

Here are the best picks of the collection.

Riverdale Southside Serpents Faux Leather Jacket

You won't forget which side of town you're on with this 'Riverdale' Serpent jacket. Although it's listed as a men's jacket, you can size down to make it fit any Southside ride or die.

Cheer Girls Varsity Jacket

As a member of the Riverdale squad, you need a varsity jacket to let everybody know what's up. With an embroidered "R" on the front, everyone knows who you rep.

Dark Betty Bustier

Even the sweetest of girls has a dark side, even Betty Cooper. Embrace your sexy side with this Dark Betty Bustier.

Veronica Lodge Black Lace Dress

Veronica's classic upper east sider dress is up for grabs. Just in case you get it twisted mistaking her for Wednesday Adams, this lacy little piece comes with the character's name embroidered on the collar.

Josie & The Pussycats Body Suit

This leopard print body suit screams pussycat. If you're in the rocker mood this Halloween, Josie's bold print will show you right.

Cheryl Blossom Intarsia Cherries

In the name of everything cherry-related, Hot Topic brings you this sweet-looking cherry cardigan inspired by Cheryl. It's a look that no one would guess is for a mastermind with lipgloss in her arsenal.

Betty Tie Front Short-Sleeve Woven Button-Up

In an iconic Betty look, this woven tie shirt is perfect for darlings with a dark side. The embroidered florals in the pointed collar is the staple that'll make you a zinger for this Cooper.

Halloween probably just got a lot easier with some of these Hot Topic looks. Whether you're a South Side stan, a River Vixen, or a Dark Betty, you'll be able to appreciate the group costumes that are bound to come.