How 3 Women Use Makeup To Be Bosses At Work


If you had to list your top three, can't-crush-work-without-them tools, what would they be? We say: cold brew; a solid playlist-headphones combo; and makeup. Each one gives offers a unique edge, like energy (iced coffee) and focus (music). But what about makeup? If you ask us, it gives us pretty much whatever it is we need, whether that's confidence to lead a conference, a boost of productivity to get through to-dos, or a brand identity. To explore topics just like this — ones that tap into our complicated, beautiful relationship with makeup — we've partnered with COVERGIRL and created the Unapologetic video series.

In this episode, three women get real about how makeup empowers them at work. Maybe it's a bold lip color that helps command a room. Maybe it's some highlighter for an immediate boost. Whatever it is, and whatever opinions it draws from others, it's about how it makes them feel. Check out the video to get in on the conversation — and get some work-beauty inspo of your own in the process. (All the products are shoppable in the links below.)

Be sure to keep an eye out for the other three Unapologetic videos!

The women are wearing COVERGIRL Melting Pout Liquid Lipstick in Gelebrate, COVERGIRL Easy Breezy Brow Sculpt + Set Brow Pomade in Rich Brown, and COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter in Starshine.

This post is sponsored by COVERGIRL.

Director: Sam Osborn; Producer: Chloe Sabin; Hair: Marcos Diaz; Makeup: Mirna Jose, Karl Sanchez, and Myke Silva; Stylists: Jenna Wexler/Bustle & Elly Ayres/Bustle; Branded Producers: Nell Riley/Bustle & Natalie Campbell/Bustle.