How 6 People Negotiate Holiday Traditions With Partners Of Different Backgrounds


The amount of negotiation that has to be done in a relationship is admirable, and that is probably doubly true during the holiday season — AKA the most stressful time of year. This is especially the case if you come from any kind of majorly different cultural or religious background, and need to figure out how to blend different traditions with your partner in a way that feels best to you both. But that's also one of the beautiful things about melding a life with someone — it opens you up and changes you. Hopefully for the better, and in a way that makes your world grow towards new, exciting adventures.

As Megan, 36, shares with Bustle, she learned that with partners in the past when you celebrate the holidays alike already — in similar ways on the same days — it’s more of a negotiation of whose family to go to than if you have different traditions.

"It's also simply more fun to do something different," Megan says. "For me, anyway."

Below, take a look at the way people and their partners find ways to mix their traditions together and find ways to celebrate the holidays on terms they define with one another.