How Can You Livestream Coachella 2017? You Won't Want To Miss The Epic Performances

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Welcome to Coachella 2017, where you're either lucky enough to experience the dreamy, neon-hued music festival extravaganza in person, or you're living vicariously through others' social media posts while you lounge at home. If you fall into the latter category, stop scrolling sadly through the various Instagram hashtags and livestream Coachella on their YouTube page ASAP. Yes, that's right. I wasn't kidding: You can livestream Coachella on not one, but three different YouTube channels and one very cool interactive channel.

Coachella heard all of our prayers and decided to deliver full coverage of the festivities this weekend. If you hit up Coachella's YouTube page, you can choose between a handful of channels and a 360 channel. The entire schedule is listed and separated by channel, making it easier for you to pick and choose which you want to tune into based on which musical act you're eager to watch.

It's super easy to tune in to specific acts, too, if you're not interested in watching every act on a particular channel. Are you excited to see Kendrick Lamar perform early on Sunday and don't want to miss out? Go to the TV Guide-like channel guide, scroll down Channel 1's line-up, hover over Lamar's picture, and click "Add To Schedule." You'll get a notification before he goes onstage, so you can tune in. Word to the wise: Lamar is slated to go onstage at 1:45 a.m. Sunday morning, so make sure you take a power nap beforehand.

Coachella on YouTube

The 360 channel is pretty cool, too. Make sure you're on a browser (typically, it's Google Chrome) compatible with YouTube 360 before you log onto Coachella's 360 channel. Once you get it up and running, you'll be able to manipulate the video and scroll the camera around 360 degrees, so you can feel like you're in the crowd watching the live performances.

So, quit your moping if you weren't lucky enough to snag Coachella 2017 tickets. You can tune in right now and watch highlights, or wait until nighttime rolls around and tune in for some live performances. It doesn't get any cooler than that, guys.