Chrissy Teigen Got An Amazing Grammys Souvenir

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Model, wife, secret mastermind. Chrissy Teigen was Snapchatted during a commercial break on Sunday night's most prestigious award ceremony holding what looked like a brick from A Tribe Called Quest's set triumphantly aloft. As for how Chrissy Teigen got part of ATCQ's set at the Grammys, well, that's a great question. Let's review. Her husband John Legend was, at least in part, at the ceremony to deliver a moving performance. He and Cynthia Erivo performed their own version of the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" to memorialize the artists who have passed away over the past year. This would have meant that he, and presumably Teigen too, had access to backstage.

A Tribe Called Quest's set was the most explicitly political moment of the evening. Sure, Jennifer Lopez recited Toni Morrison, and there was the constitution in the background while Katy Perry performed, but this wasn't exactly searingly anti-Trump. This all changed when the group performed songs from their 2016 album We Got It From Here . . . Thank You 4 Your Service and, after denouncing the President's immigrant ban, performed “We the People....” with individuals bursting through a wall constructed on stage and joined by individuals — including Muslim women in hijabs.

The end of the performance, with Q-Tip yelling "Resist!" over and over, was completely electrifying. So when Teigen appeared in a Snapchat holding the one thing everyone wanted, no wonder it felt so intriguing:

The most obvious explanation is that, during Teigen's access to the backstage area that she gets via coming to the Grammys with a Grammy performer, she had a chance to steal a brick. After all, we know that, later in the evening, Teigen was happily, fuzzily drunk (thanks to her wonderful drunk Snapchats) and who could have blamed her if she'd spontaneously snatched up a prop brick while she was visiting Legend backstage?

Teigen seems to confirm via Twitter that her most harmless of crimes took place under the influence and that alcohol was her accomplice in snatching up the one thing everyone wanted more than a Grammy: a souvenir from A Tribe Called Quest's amazing set.

So, in short, if you want a piece of A Tribe Called Quest's set, you need to (a) date/wed a Grammy performer (b) give yourself some Dutch courage to thieve something kind of wonderful and once in a lifetime (c) head backstage and (d) be so adorable that nobody tells you off for stealing a piece of pop culture history.

Chrissy Teigen, ladies and gentlemen. Never not inspiring.