The 'I'm A Celeb' Contestants Actually Deal With Some Not-So-Nice Weather Conditions


Look outside. Is it raining? If not, lucky you. It's flipping November and OMG winter is coming at us like an out of control freight train, hurtling down an ice cold track. But, at least that is an excuse for A) fluffy dressing gowns and B) not feeling bad about watching a heck of a lot of telly. Especially ones in the sunshine, like I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. But, like, do you ever wonder is it actually that hot? It seems to rain a lot. How cold is it in the I'm A Celebrity jungle?

I'm not being funny but it seems like it is raining more there than it is here for flip sake. I thought it was summer in Australia, but the contestants seem to be rained on all the time poor things. Are they OK, hun? I do wonder if they feel a bit conned re the weather. Starving and uncomfy beds are totally to be expected but regular thunderstorms? No thanks. I've reached out to a representative of the show to find out just what kinds of conditions the celebs can expect to put up with and I'll update you as soon as I hear back.

In the meantime, according to Met Check, taking tomorrow as an example there are predicted highs of a very adequate 25 degrees centigrade and lows of a fairly dismal 10 degrees centigrade in the I'm A Celeb jungle. Yikes. That is not so fun.

But they have that jazzy fountain shower, which is actually fake. I know, sorry, sometimes the real behind-the-scenes goss is low-key devastating. So that must be warm at least — what's the point in constructing a fake shower with cold water? Nope. Former contestant Vanessa White told The Sun last year that is is in fact cold. And I don't know about you but like, do you ever feel clean after a cold shower? The only thing a cold shower does to me is wakes me the eff up.

Despite the varying temperatures, things are actually heating up in the jungle as we speak, owing to the arrival of late comer Noel Edmonds. The TV presenter and radio DJ has cruised on into camp later than everyone else and also with an unfair advantage. In a move that was clearly intended to tick the other contestants off, he has been made the leader of the camp. And to cap off the smugness of the whole situation, he was dressed in Roman emperor style garb. IKR, you would actually be sick.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/ITV

Rita Simmons for one, was absolutely not amused, with co hosts Declan Donnelly and Holly Willoughby sharing that off camera she went ham on Edmonds and Harry Redknapp for chatting during the trial. And like let's be honest, I don't know about you but I definitely wouldn't want to be told off by Roxy off Eastenders.

Donnelly told the audience that they didn't air it but Simmons had apparently had enough of Edmonds pretty quickly. He said "It wasn’t in the show tonight but when we were filming the trial, Rita had a go didn’t she? Noel and Harry were kind of talking amongst themselves, and she went 'weren’t you two listening?!' And we were like woaah."

Well, good on Simmons for pushing herself to the forefront of my favourite contestants with that no nonsense attitude.