How A Solar Eclipse Can Actually Influence Your Dating Life

For the first time in nearly a century, a total solar eclipse will speed across the country from coast to coast on Monday, Aug. 21. While you're scrambling to find viewing glasses before the big day, you may be wondering if the solar eclipse affects your life outside of being really freakin' cool for two minutes. After all, astrology works on the maxim "as above, so below," and you can bet that an eclipse will throw a celestial wrench in the works upstairs. Am I saying you'll meet the love of your life at a viewing party on Monday? Maybe. Something tells me watching night fall upon the earth is the kind of thing that puts people in the mood.

According to most astrologers, the solar eclipse is a time of huge changes in every aspect of your life. As the eclipse approaches, you can expect your romantic relationships to pivot in a different direction entirely.

On the finer points of these changes, however, astrologers tend to disagree. Susan Miller, the creator of Astrology Zone, told Time that eclipses "shake us out of our complacency and push us forward, no matter if we’re ready or not." So while big changes are on the horizon, they're not necessarily bad news. If you're single, you may meet someone tall, dark, and available, or maybe you'll get up the courage to ask someone on a date. Meanwhile, those in casual relationships may grow closer with their partners.

That being said, not all changes of heart are guaranteed to be positive. Joyce Levine told Time that the eclipse could also bring about a period of "turmoil and conflict." Prepare for stormy seas ahead, my lovelorn friends — and remember to use protection. That kind of romantic turmoil can be prevented.

Depending on your particular situation, you may want to avoid making any grand gestures or leaps of faith until everything calms down. Give your romantic partners space, and be sure to do things for yourself as well. Now is the time to decide what you're looking for in a relationship, so you'll be able to hold your own during any upcoming friction. This may also be a good point to reassess your choices. If you're happy, great! If not, the effects of the eclipse may lead you to take your dating life in a different direction.

The eclipse may only last for two minutes, but according to astrologers, its effects will be felt far longer. Once the celestial dust clears, your dating life might be entirely different — not worse, but different.

Finally, a word of advice: If you're on the prowl, why not find someone cute to share your glasses with during the eclipse? It's a romantic comedy in the making.