How Did Kenny Hurt His Eye On 'The Bachelorette'? A Fight Is Unlikely

Paul Hebert/ABC

This season of The Bachelorette is shaping up to be the most dramatic yet. I’m just kidding. That’s what Chris Harrison says about every season of the show, and I can’t say that we’ve reached drama fever pitch yet. Every season features a red herring fight or pregnancy scare of some sort, and Rachel’s is no different. How did Kenny hurt his eye on The Bachelorette? A fight with Lee is an unlikely scenario.

Don’t get me wrong — Lee and Kenny hate each other. They even got put on the dreaded two-on-one date to prove it. They’ve been battling back and forth, spouting insults and threatening to defecate in shoes (which was pretty funny, if you ask me). The previews for the June 27 episode of The Bachelorette would have you believe that Lee and Kenny got physical because Kenny is sporting a big old cut next to his eye. Did Lee slug him? Or did Kenny just fall down a hill or something? Consider this: If two Bachelorette contestants actually got into a fistfight, wouldn’t we have heard about it already? Leaks happen all the time, and a physical altercation would be big news. Plus, this injury doesn’t look like a black eye. It looks like a cut from a fall or something — or from a particularly intense athletic group date (remember when James Taylor hurt himself on JoJo's football date?).


Because the rest of Kenny's face is untouched, this injury doesn't look like that big a deal, or at least, it doesn't look like something that was inflicted on Kenny by another contestant. It's likely another Bachelor Nation false alarm, and I'm sure that the actual explanation for Kenny's blood loss is far less interesting that the previews would have us all believe.