How Did Margaery Die In 'Game Of Thrones'? She Went Out With A Bang

After what feels like a decade, we can all finally settle back into the murderous chaos that is Game Of Thrones, now that Season 7 of Game of Thrones is here at long last. Season 6 ended with a lot of death, a lot of coronations, and the long-awaited arrival of that foreboding Winter that everyone has been mentioning since Season 1. But let's talk about the deaths. Fans lost many beloved characters in one fell swoop in the Season 6 finale, and one scheming rose in particular had fans outwardly weeping over her untimely demise (no? just me?). Margaery, the newly crowned queen of the realm, bit it in a pretty epic way. Since it has been a long minute since the finale, you may need a refresher on how exactly Margaery died on Game Of Thrones.

The short of it is that beautiful Margaery was killed by wildfire — that green, incredibly flammable liquid that was created by The Alchemists Guild. A cache of this magical fiery slime had been sitting underneath King's Landing since Mad King Aerys' whole "burn them all" phase, and it happens to be so intense that even water can't extinguish it. Certainly not something you want to find yourself in.


On the day of Cersei's trial, Margaery, her father Mace, her brother Loras, the High Sparrow, Lancel and Kevan Lannister were all gathered along with a host of other unknown characters in the Sept of Baelor. When Cersei and Tommen failed to appear at the trial (Cersei made sure Tommen was locked in his room because she isn't a monster, guys), Margaery knew something bad was about to happen. She tried fruitlessly to get the hell out of there with her brother and father but, unfortunately, Cersei had arranged for the gigantic cache of wildfire to explode directly beneath the Sept of Baelor right as Margaery started making her way to the exit. Cersei watched from her window, while sipping fine wine and wearing the evilest dress in her wardrobe, as the sacred Sept crumbled into a firey pile of rubble, killing everyone inside of it.


Is there still hope that Margaery is alive and somehow impervious to wildfire? If her interview with Harper's Bazaar immediately following her demise is to be believed then no, there isn't. When asked if there was hope for her because fans didn't actually see her die onscreen, Dormer said, "I'm pretty sure no one is escaping from that Sept." So, unfortunately, our young rose is gone but the good news is that Lady Olenna is now out for pure vengeance in Season 7 and that is always something to cheer for.