How Did Scott & Laci Peterson Meet? 'The Murder Of Laci Peterson' Explores Their Relationship

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The high-profile murder trial of Scott Peterson, who was convicted of the murder of his wife and unborn son, gripped the entire nation from the moment it began in 2004. Now, 15 years after Laci's death, A&E is revisiting the case in a series called The Murder Of Laci Peterson, which will feature never-before-seen details from the trial for the first time, and delve deep into the relationship that Scott and Laci shared before the murder took place. For example: How did Scott Peterson and Laci Peterson meet?

One of the scarier aspects of Laci Peterson’s disappearance and murder — and her husband conviction — is that from the outside, they looked just like any other middle class white couple living in California. According to a profile written at the Modesto Bee, she met Scott in 1994 when he was a waiter working at the Pacific Café near California Polytechnic State University, where the two both attended college. Laci reportedly made the first move by giving him her phone number; they began dating shortly thereafter, and married just a few years later in 1997, a few months before Laci was set to graduate.

Even before their first official date, Laci was convinced wedding bells were in her future. From that same Modesto Bee feature:

"Mother," Laci said, "I have met the man I am going to marry. You've just got to get down here and meet him." Sharon asked if they had gone out yet. "Not yet, but we will."

CNN notes that the two opened a successful restaurant called “The Shack,” but sold it soon after to move closer to Laci’s family in Modesto, California. From then until Laci went missing in 2002, Scott reportedly had at least one extramarital affair with a masseuse named Amber Frey, who was allegedly unaware that her new boyfriend had a pregnant wife at home.

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Months after Laci disappeared on Christmas Eve, her body was found, along with that of her unborn son, washed up on the shores of the Francisco Bay. Scott was taken into custody a few days later, as reported by the LA Times, and was later found guilty of her murder in 2005.

The Murder Of Laci Peterson will feature more details about the murder and the trial, including interviews with those involved. But will it explain how a seemingly-loving family could be torn apart by such a heinous act of violence? Probably not — but it's definitely going to try.