The ‘Sense8’ Finale Will Make You Feel So Much Better About The World

Murray Close/Netflix

Major spoilers ahead for the Sense8 finale. Netflix devastated fans when the streaming service cancelled Sense8 after only two seasons. A fervent push from the show’s fandom quickly led to the announcement of a Sense8 finale movie, which would wrap up the main cluster’s individual and collective storylines. The final farewell to the series premiered on June 8, and Sense8 ended with each sensate getting a happily ever after.

The beginning of the finale picks up right where Season 2 finale left off, with Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) in the custody of B.P.O. after being sold out by Lila (Valeria Bilello). The rest of the cluster still have Whispers (Terrence Mann) and Jonas (Naveen Andrews) imprisoned after kidnapping them in London. They travel to Kala’s (Tina Desai) apartment in Paris to plan a rescue mission for Wolfgang. Of course, Amanita (Freema Agyeman), Dani (Eréndira Ibarra), Hernando (Alfonso Herrera), and Bug (Michael X. Sommers) all pitch in to help execute the plan to retrieve Wolfgang and get rid of Lila and Whispers.

But, two unexpected sensate sidekicks show up for the final showdown. Kala’s husband Rajan (Purab Kohli), who has seemed until this point to be an obstacle to the Kala/Wolfgang romance, pops up to check on his wife after sending her to Paris to escape his political scandal. Rajan is stunned to find her new friends and discover the truth about his wife’s sensate status, but he quickly jumps into action to save her friends.

Wolfgang's safe-cracking buddy Felix (Max Mauff) makes an appearance with a few handy weapons in tow. And, Detective Mun (Sukku Son) flies in from Korea to find Sun (Doona Bae) and help the team as they move from Paris to Naples to take down B.P.O. The group's friend and family network proves to be a great resource that helps them achieve victory, freedom, and safety.

Murray Close/Netflix

In the end, Wolfgang is reunited with his sensate family and friends, Whispers and Lila die a fiery death, BPO is restored to its original goodness, and Nomanita’s Parisian wedding caps off the group’s final onscreen celebration. (Well, there's one final scene after that.)

Fans have watched the cluster go from confused strangers who kept inadvertently showing up in each other’s lives to a family willing to risk their lives to save each other. They have come together physically and in spirit to overcome so many challenges and now the wedding symbolizes their chance to celebrate love, freedom, and exciting new chapters in their lives.

Here’s how each sensate gets their “happily ever after” in the series finale:


Kala has had a romantic conundrum since she fell in love with fellow sensate Wolfgang while she was engaged to her now-husband Rajan. The season finale introduces Rajan to Wolfgang, which makes Kala feel like she needs to make a choice.

But, the ever-wise tech genius Bug reminds her about the perks of being able to be in two places at one time and Kala takes full advantage of her sensate capabilities. Her simultaneous embraces toward Rajan and Wolfgang is an interesting love triangle, which becomes more complicated as the men develop a friendship.

Kala nearly dies after being shot by Lila in a foiled attempt to retrieve Whispers, but Rajan’s quick thinking and Wolfgang’s connection to her save her life. It is the perfect example of how a person can passionately love more than one person, but would Kala make a final choice? In the end, Kala is able to have her cake and eat it too via a threesome with her men after Nomi (Jamie Clayton) and Amanita’s wedding. It's the beginning of a beautiful polyamorous relationship.


Will’s (Brian J. Smith) unofficial position as the leader of his cluster had some fans wondering if he would end up sacrificing his life to save everyone. But, Will survives to the end and takes down Whispers with his friend cop friend Diego (Ness Bautista) at his side.

His relationship with Riley (Tuppence Middleton) is still going strong and Nomanita’s wedding gives him a chance to meet Riley’s father Gunnar (Kristján Kristjánsson). Her father embraces Will and thanks him for saving Riley’s life after rescuing her from a B.P.O. facility in Season 1. Will tells her father that the best day of his life was when he met Riley.


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The happiest ending of all might belong to Nomi. She finally marries the woman of her dreams in a beautiful ceremony at the Eiffel Tower. The computer whiz looks glamourous in a white and gold flowing gown as her best friend Bug walks her down the aisle. The two share a moment when he thanks her for being his family.

Nomi and Amanita say their heartfelt vows in front of their friends and family. Amanita brings Nomi to tears, saying the feeling of falling in love with Nomi has changed her life. Nomi says her life has been filled with uncertainty and changes, but that she looks forward to watching Amanita change as they grow old together. The pair kiss as fireworks light up the sky around an illuminated Eiffel Tower.

It is an ideal wedding for the passionate couple, who reveal they will live in an attic apartment in Paris so Amanita can write her novel. One of the biggest surprises comes from Nomi’s mother Janet (Sandra Fish), who previously insisted on calling her daughter by her birth name and refused to accept her as a woman. After a little drug brownie encouragement and a chat with Amanita’s parents, her mom approaches Nomi and tells her that Nomi is a beautiful name. Nomi has been through many challenges to feel accepted and loved and now she is surrounded by people who want her to be happy.


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Nairobi native Capheus (Toby Onwumere) is in the middle of effecting political change in his city when Wolfgang’s capture throws off his plans. As expected, his expert driving skills come in handy with a couple of car chases, and he provides bits of comic relief to the story.

Capheus brings his mother Shiro (Chichi Seii), girlfriend Zakia (Mumbi Maina), and best friend Jela (Paul Ogola) to the Nomanita wedding and hilariously introduces them to Sun, whom he refers to as the “Spirit of Jean-Claude.” He is happy, smiling, in love, and making a difference in his community, so Capheus is living his best life.


The fandom’s favorite criminal has a touching arc in the series finale. While he's in B.P.O. custody, flashbacks of his horrific childhood reveal a lot about how it shaped him as an adult. Wolfgang’s mother was abused by her stepfather, who was revealed to be his father. He killed him in an effort to save his mother, even though she thought her life wasn’t worth saving.

Like his mom, Wolfgang didn’t think it was worth it to the group to risk their lives for his sake. He nearly kills himself after a foiled escape, but Kala stops him by threatening to also take his own life. After his rescue, he makes a toast to his fellow sensates and the supporting crew, thanking them for being his friends and fighting for him. He also shows his feelings for Kala yet again when he weeps over her after she is shot.

Of course, she survives and Wolfgang seems happy to be in a polyamorous relationship with Kala and Rajan. And, he is hanging with his best friend, who gives him the military weapon he needs to take down Whispers and Lila’s helicopter. Wolfgang’s story ends with him being happy and a hero.


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It’s happy endings and love all around, even for Sun Bak. She calls Detective Mun to let him know that she misses him and he takes it a step further by flying to Paris. Mun appears just in time to help her escape a B.P.O. arrest and declare his love for her. He quickly becomes an ally for the sensate group and takes down enemies alongside Sun.

At the end, Mun reveals that Sun is exonerated of all her previous criminal charges. Happiness has been hard to come by and Sun’s biological family was the absolute worst, so it is nice to see Sun find true love and a solid family.


The actor’s flare for drama is once again an asset to divert attention in the cluster’s plans. Lito (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) brings his boyfriend Hernando and their friend Dani along for the adventures. He is starting to gain his footing again after being blacklisted as a gay actor in Mexico and is concerned about losing work while on this mission.

But, Lito’s story ends with the trio together and, as always, having the time of their lives. He’s free to live his truth and rebound his career while being supported by Dani, Hernando, and his entire cluster.


Last season, Riley was given the unique opportunity to be connected to another good sensate named Mr. Hoy (Sylvester McCoy), who helped create B.P.O. before it became a sinister organization. In the finale, Mr. Hoy reconnects with Riley and gets her in contact with a B.P.O. leader who to restore the organization. Her connection to Hoy helps put together some important pieces to understand B.P.O. and foil Whispers' plans.

She is delighted to reunite with Mr. Hoy at the end and they even share a dance at Nomanita’s wedding. Her relationship with Will is solid and they finally have safety and security. Riley’s sensate journey has helped her come to terms with her sad past and now she can look for a brighter tomorrow.

The Sense8 series finale gave fans everything they could have wanted in the end. Everyone in the cluster survives, Nomanita has a wedding, Kala/Wolfgang lives on (sort of), and even Bug finds love. And, their last moments onscreen are filled with the same love and joy that fans have gotten from watching their intertwined journeys.