The Reason Why The Jonas Brothers Reunited Is Totally Unexpected

Just three days after its release, the surprise "Sucker" video has racked in nearly 44 million YouTube views. Think it's safe to say The Jonas Brothers reunion is something fans always knew they needed. Luckily, the music gods happened to be listening. And maybe, just maybe, a drinking game and slight buzz is what got all of this to happen. Get ready, because the reason The Jonas Brothers got back together will surprise any die-hard fan.

Last Friday, when the group dropped the massive bomb of their single and video release, they visited The Elvis Duran Show and spilled on what made them come back together after all. Turns out, fans can thank the heavens, Nick Jonas, and alcohol for what's transpired. As Nick explained, it all started about a year ago when they started filming a documentary about their lives. He explained:

"We wanted to tell our story, where we came from, what happened on our journey back then together. In that, I think we started spending a lot of time together, we realized that there was a magic when we were together that we missed... I sort of started the conversation of doing this again. After a few conversations they came around to it."

OK, so where does the alcohol come in? On their road to reuniting, the brothers experienced some serious bonding. Kevin explained, "It was insane to kind of be forced into therapy in some occasions, which was great because we were able to have real conversations and not hold back." Part of those conversations entailed a drinking game that helped facilitate things in a major way. Nick explained, "We put a bunch of questions in a fish bowl that we always wanted to ask each other."

In the game, one person would answer the question being asked and the others would rate how honest the response was on a scale. (The higher the rating equaled the amount of seconds that person had to drink.) "We didn’t hold back," Kevin shared. "We asked the questions we really wanted to ask." Thus, laying it all out on the table allowed these guys to heal and move forward with their exciting new endeavor.

None of the band members, however, are shy about their tumultuous past. Nick revealed, "It was not good. It was a challenging couple of years of rebuilding this family. In our minds, it seemed like it would be impossible to ever do this again." Leave it to a documentary and some good booze to help move things along. Joe added, "It took a lot of time. Talking through a lot of those things, especially for us as a band, but especially as a family, we had to work through and understand what we were going through when we were that young... for so many years we just put it under the rug."

Meanwhile, their family members — including Nick's wife Priyanka Chopra, Kevin's wife Danielle Jonas, and Joe's fiancé Sophie Turner — couldn't be more supportive. "With wives and a fiancé, it's a very different Jonas Brothers than 2009," said Nick. "It was really about saying, 'We're not taking ourselves too seriously this round... we're going to include everyone in that. My wife's [Priyanka Chopra] been incredible."

And Kevin's little ones are their biggest fans. "They're starting to realize who The Jonas Brothers are. They've never seen that person, that side," he said. "It's amazing, my daughter brought Jonas Brothers stick-on tattoos to class the other day to hand them out." Now that fans know how they got back together, the question remains: Where can these sweet Jonas Brothers stickers be purchased?