The Jonas Brothers' Significant Others Are The *Real* Stars Of Their New Music Video

After a six-year hiatus, it turned out that love was what was required to get the Jonas Brothers back together for the song "Sucker." Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas are officially back as of Friday, March 1 — but you might have been distracted from their reunion due to the cameos in the Jonas Brothers' "Sucker" music video. Nick's wife Priyanka Chopra, Kevin's wife Danielle Jonas, and Joe's financée Sophie Turner are more than along for the ride in the brothers' comeback video. The lyrics to the track are all about how much these men love their significant others. And while JoBros fans are undoubtedly excited by the band's return, Chopra, Danielle, and Turner in the "Sucker" music video are the real stars.

Although the Jonas Brothers had their fair share of high-profile romances back in their Disney heyday, Nick and Joe's recent relationships have been particularly buzzworthy. Joe is engaged to Game of Thrones and Dark Phoenix star Turner and Nick married Quantico and Isn't It Romantic? star Chopra in December of last year. Meanwhile, Kevin and Danielle Jonas have been enjoying domestic bliss for nearly 10 years and have two daughters. And since all three of the Jonas Brothers are officially burnt up with love for their partners, these women took center stage in the "Sucker" music video.

Both Turner and Chopra had posted about "Sucker" on social media ahead of the single's release. And besides being proud of their loves, they also had to be pretty pumped about their badass cameos in the "Sucker" music video. The Jonas Brothers are like American royalty and the music video doubles down on that idea with Joe, Nick, and Kevin frolicking around a palace and its grounds with Turner, Chopra, and Danielle.

But lest you think the JoBros are the kings of the situation, the women are the ones holding the reins — or, leash in Danielle's case, as she's shown walking corgis, Queen Elizabeth's preferred pup breed, in an especially regal ballgown. After all, the lyrics for the "Sucker" chorus go, "You say the word and I'll go anywhere blindly/I'm a sucker for you, yeah/Any road you take, you know that you'll find me." And, as is quite evident in the video, Joe, Nick, and Kevin will follow their queens anywhere.

Turner portrays Sansa Stark, aka the unofficial Queen in the North, on Game of Thrones, so it's clear she's got the royal act down. (Probably doesn't hurt that she's British either.) And Chopra knows how to rock a crown since the Indian actress earned the title Miss World back in 2000. Plus, Chopra is buds with America's princess Meghan Markle and was in attendance at her royal wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018. So these two look right at home navigating around a castle. Meanwhile, Kevin and Danielle live a life less in the spotlight than the other JoBros couples. But Danielle definitely has New Jersey royalty status. And clearly, these women are the queens of the Jonas Brothers' hearts.

The "Sucker" music video has some serious The Favourite vibes with its eccentricities (most stunningly provided by Turner) and even rabbits (Oscar-winner Olivia Colman must be so proud). But while the video is a super fun royal romp, the whole point is that the Jonas Brothers are royally head over heels in love with their respective SOs. And Chopra, Danielle, and Turner are pretty much unofficial-official members of the band with all three women referring to themselves as "JSisters" (or "j sistas" in Turner's case) on social media. They even get a royal portrait of the whole gang painted in the video to highlight that where the JBros are, the JSisters will also be.

Even though the band had taken a break, this family's bond is stronger than ever with the addition of Danielle, Chopra, and Turner. So just like it's good to be the king, the Jonas Brothers apparently think it's very good to be a "Sucker" with these women by their side.