A Jacket Signed By ALL The Members Of *NSYNC — And Ellen DeGeneres — Is Being Auctioned Off

Courtesy eBay

Your biggest middle school dreams are about to come true. Ellen DeGeneres got *NSYNC to sign a denim jacket and you can have it hanging in your closet. Of course, there is one major catch — there's only one up for grabs. The nostalgic jacket, complete with all the signatures from the band and drawings by DeGeneres herself, is available on eBay for a very good cause.

It's been 16 years since the group has been together, but odds are that you are still fully obsessed with the boy band. DeGeneres is giving you a chance to be the ultimate *NSYNC fan and have a jacket with Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick's signatures on the back.

According to The Ellen Show, the jacket is up for sale on eBay right now. You'll have to be the highest bidder to add this into your wardrobe though. Every single penny from the purchase will go to the The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. The organization is set up to help save the gorillas in Rwanda.

"Just to be clear, this is the only jacket like this," DeGeneres says of the puff-paint designed denim jacket. "No one has a jacket like this."

The once-member of the group seconded that, pointing out the unicorn on the sleeve and the "ED + JT" on the front.

You're not just going to get signatures from *NSYNC though. DeGeneres actually signed the top of the jacket as well. Because, you know, she is the artist behind the creation. Needless to say, this is a one-of-a-kind design that no one else in the world will own.

The front of the jacket has pink and green writing on it, smiley face patches, and hearts. Basically, exactly like your tween self would have loved it. The back has an image of the band's first cd "*NSYNC" from 1997.

According to the eBay listing, the auction will end on May 12. That's not too much longer to save up for this hefty purchase. Unless, you know, you still have your piggy bank going from when the band first came out in 1995.

As of May 4, 41 bids on the jacket has the price up to $1,775. It's only going to go up from there, too. There are still 82 people watching the listing and, as all eBay users know, the price always goes up towards the last few minutes of bidding.

The band got together in a surprise appearance at the Ellen Show to celebrate getting their star on the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood. All of it comes in perfect timing for all of the "it's gonna be May" puns floating around out there as well.

"These four guys mean so much to me," Timberlake said at the Walk of Fame event. "We're really a family and the memories that we've built and the times that we've shared and the families that we've built from it. I really don't think I could put into words how much the four of you mean to me."

According to People, this was one of the "largest and loudest Walk of Fame events to date." So it comes as no surprise that there are a ton of people interested in bidding on the *NSYNC jacket on eBay. A lot of the original '90s fans have grown up, have, you know, real bank accounts now, and are just waiting for the perfect merch moment.

You have until May 12 to get your money together. Now would be a great time to pull together all the friends you planned your original concert trip with. If nothing else, you can all pool money together and take turns wearing this epic jacket.