Daryl Needs To Watch His Back After That 'Walking Dead' Twist

Gene Page/AMC

The Whisperer War is coming on The Walking Dead, but comic book readers have already lived through this epic saga. How does Beta die in The Walking Dead comics? If you're nervous about what's coming next, let's consult the source material. At the end of this week's episode, a truly terrifying shot reveals that Beta survives his confrontation with Daryl.

He comes to in an elevator shaft, and is definitely going to want revenge. You seriously didn't think we'd be rid of such a menacing character that easily, did you?

Beta is (fortunately) no longer living in The Walking Dead comics... but he doesn't go down easy and he's a pretty major character in the Whisperer War. He is ultimately killed in the comics by Aaron, after his attempt to sneak up on Aaron and Jesus fails, and the fight him off together before Aaron shoots him in the chest.

His death marks the end of the Whisperers as a group. So, unfortunately, Beta probably won't die before the end of this season, at least. On the AMC series, the Whisperers are only starting to become a threat. This face off, no pun intended, between Daryl and Beta is still one of their only offensive attacks. If all goes according to the comics, the Whisperers will attack at the fair and the war will truly begin. How and when Beta will be taken down remains to be seen.

Beta also doesn't die before killing a ton of important characters, including Father Gabriel and Andrea. As we all know, Andrea died early on in the AMC series. Most of her story arc has been taken on by Michonne. So Beta's survival is increasingly scary. Danai Gurira may be leaving The Walking Dead, but that doesn't mean Michonne has to die, right?

Gene Page/AMC

Personally, I'm more worried about Daryl's survival at this point. Lest we forget, Daryl makes the snap decision to leave the communities behind and take his two new adopted teens (and his dog, whose name is Dog) on a road trip. Is Connie coming too? Are we 'shipping this pairing, or at least 'shipping this little found family? However and unfortunately, this kind of wistful look towards the future bodes horribly for Daryl as a character on The Walking Dead. He's totally going to die, isn't he? Ugh.

Beta also inadvertently kills Lucille in the comics. You read that right. The back of his head destroys Negan's beloved baseball bat/best friend. Beta kills Lucille. Pass it on. It's a whole thing.

At least we know that Beta (and Alpha) are definitely the only Big Bads our heroes have to deal with, as the Highwaymen turned out to be.... kind of chill? Maybe it's a red herring, but the way they were (hilariously) swayed by the prospect of a movie night bodes well.

In the comics, Beta is bent on destroying Alexandria and everyone living there. We're seeing the origin of that quest on the AMC series now. After surviving the fall, and losing Lydia again, he'll gather the Whisperers against our survivors — and the hope for a bright future will violently flicker out, yet again.