A Scene That Teased ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Was Cut From ‘Fate Of The Furious’

The new addition to the Fast & Furious universe, Hobbs & Shaw, out Aug. 2, is technically a spinoff. The new movie follows Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham's Deckard Shaw as the unlikely duo join forces to take down Idris Elba's villain, Brixton Lore. Fans of the Fast series know that Deckard and Luke didn't exactly work well together in the past, so how does Hobbs & Shaw connects to Fate of the Furious? Well, the most recent Fast film, 2017's F8, marks the first time that Hobbs and Shaw collaborated. Their mission in that movie is to gather the family to battle Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto, who has shockingly switched sides.

Spoilers ahead for F8. In Fate of the Furious, a cyberterrorist Cipher (Charlize Theron) finds Dom and reveals that he has a son he didn't know about with his former lover, Elena (Elsa Pataky), who's eventually named Brian as a tribute to the late Paul Walker's character. But before Brian becomes Brian, he's an un-named captive along with Elena, who Cipher holds hostage in order to get Dom to work with her and betray the Fast family. The franchise's familiar government agent Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) tasks Luke and Deckard with finding a way to stop Cipher and Dom from initiating nuclear war.

As you might've guessed, Dom does turn on Cipher eventually and he attempts to foil her plan, but she gets away with the former's son. Deckard saves Dom's son and proves his allegiance to the family, and at the end of the film, he's accepted by them. End of spoilers.

So why are Deckard and Luke getting their own spinoff? Funnily enough, the most compelling basis for the new Hobbs & Shaw movie was cut from Fate, as Universal Pictures cut a post-credits scene with the two former adversaries. According to The Wrap, Universal had filmed a scene that would hint at Hobbs and Shaw working together, separate from the rest of the crew. So if you're a little baffled at the existence of a a movie focusing on these two characters — minus Dom and the other Fast regulars — you're probably not alone.

Even though F8 doesn't explicitly set up the new spinoff, it promises to deliver the same amount of action that you would expect from any Fast & Furious movie, along with its customary emphasis on family. This time, the other family members you'll see the most are Shaw's sister, Hattie (Vanessa Kirby) who's an MI6 agent, and Hobbs's biological family in Samoa.

His four brothers own a custom auto shop, so of course Hobbs & Shaw will also have tons of tricked out cars for audiences to feast their eyes upon. So basically, you can expect more of the same from this Fast & Furious franchise spinoff, but with a little more of a buddy cop, odd-couple vibe. The banter will definitely slap, and don't forget the presence of Elba's new baddie, "the black Superman."

So sure, this new spinoff might feel a little bit random to Fast fans, but as this universe continues to grow, we'll probably see them take a few more risks.