How A Family Health Scare Helped Hannah Ann Get Over Her Breakup With Peter

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Hannah Ann Peter Weber The Bachelor

When fans tuned in to The Bachelor on Monday nights to watch Peter Weber fall for Hannah Ann, in real life, she was already hard at work trying to get over him. But having to hide the sadness that comes with a broken engagement for the sake of not spoiling the show was a tricky task.

"I just wanted to go to a coffee shop and not be asked about The Bachelor," Hannah Ann tells Bustle. "I was ready to move on so badly, and I felt like I couldn't. I had to put on this facade that I could potentially be engaged."

Because the world hadn't yet learned about her current relationship status and she couldn't exactly go out on dates, she focused instead on looking inward. She thought about what she could do before After the Final Rose to feel like she'd moved on emotionally, since she certainly couldn't yet physically.

Soon after she settled on journaling, prayer, and strict social media boundaries to keep her grounded, her mom had a health scare that put everything into perspective. "The doctors were concerned that she might have breast cancer," she says. Thankfully, her mom is in good health. "It was really that moment that was eye-opening to me," Hannah Ann adds. "Like, OK yes, I'm going through a hard breakup. It's gonna be hard, it's gonna be public. But at the end of the day, what matters is my family, my friends, and health."

Now that The Bachelor is over, she's finally able to live her truth, all the way down to having a Pilot Pete-free Instagram grid. "I'm not trying to delete that part of my life because it's very special and unique," she says. "But, you know, when I'm on my Instagram feed, I don't want to see pictures of us."

The cleanse could also symbolize her making room for a new relationship, in which she'll be looking for one major thing: "Someone to show me how they are, not just tell me how they are," she says. Still, it'll be a while before she's exclusive with someone again. "I've never been a person who just hopped from one relationship to another."

Would Hannah Ann consider finding that next person in Paradise? "Maybe," she laughs. "If Wells can make a good margarita." For now, after moving to Los Angeles to continue her modeling career, she's focused on reconnecting with friends and family. "I'm kind of just like, catching up," she says. "I'm really liking where life is at."

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