Why Oral Sex Is Such A Big Deal For Cheaters

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If you think that having oral sex is overrated, then having an affair might not be for you. Or at least that's what a new survey from VictoriaMilan, a dating site for married and attached people, found. The site for affairs looked at over 9,000 members from 22 countries to get an idea of our attitudes relating to oral sex. And, to put it bluntly, people having affairs effing love oral sex. How much do they love it? Well, 65 percent of women and 68 percent of men said that the lack of oral would be a total deal-breaker when it came to having an affair. I didn't realize that people would be that picky, but I guess if you're going to have an affair then you really want good sex. People take it very seriously.

“When you’re desperately in love with someone, your desire is so strong you want to eat them, taste them, consume every part of them," founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said in a press release. "Out of love, you will continually perform oral sex. It’s a sign of love, desire and admiration. If your partner is lying back and enjoying the act but only reciprocates every so often, you can safely say you’re more in love with them than they are with you – and they are definitely enjoying the ride." Whether you can tell if someone loves you based on oral sex patterns or not, it is clear that people who cheat are loving it.

And it's not just about deal-breakers, here's what else they learned when it comes to oral:

Most Of Us Love Doing It

BDG Media, Inc.

I've never bought this idea that people don't like performing oral sex— and it looks like the numbers back me up. Seventy-seven percent of women and 72 percent of men said they enjoy giving it. To be honest, I'm surprised it wasn't higher. Despite the myth, I've yet to meet a person in real life who doesn't like going down on their partner.

... And Receiving It

Most people liked receiving it... but not all. Eleven percent of women and six percent of men said it just wasn't their thing. And I think that makes sense, because good oral sex is great, but if they're not doing it right, things can get awkward or boring real fast.

People Are More Likely To Perform It When They're In Love

BDG Media, Inc.

In fact, 91 percent of women and 87 percent of men said they are more likely to perform it if they're in love — that's a huge percentage. So maybe it's a sign that something is more than a fling. It's interesting that these are all people interested in affairs, though. So who's getting the oral sex and true love — the person at home or the person on the side?

Oral Is Enough For Some

I was surprised that 57 percent of women and 66 percent of men said they would continue an affair if the person was great at oral sex — but not really good at anything else. So for most people, being amazing at oral is enough to keep your partner happy and satisfied.

It's hard to tell how these findings would compare to those not cheating, but people having affairs definitely seem to love their oral sex. Whether it's giving or receiving, there's fun to be had all around.