Glossier's Newest Boy Brow Is Here & It's Good

Full disclosure: I have used Glossier's Boy Brow in both black and brown until I scraped every last drop from each of the tubes. Glossier's Boy Brow tames errant hairs, combs them into place, and deposits just a touch of soft, blendable color to sparse spots. It makes such a difference and this creamy, pomade-like product is so subtle yet so effective for a natural yet well-groomed brow. No dramatic Instagram brow here! Boy Brow comes in black, brown, and blond. But the brand has added a fourth Boy Brow to the lineup. How is it different? What shade is it?

It's not any shade at all, actually.

Glossier Boy Brow, $16, Glossier

The newest kid on the Boy Brow block is clear and it arrived on the Glossier site, which is its sole sales platform, on Wednesday, Feb. 1. This edition doesn't add any color, obviously. It is simply designed to shape brows, sans any the stiffness, cakeyness, and flakiness that can be a result of lesser brow products.

Oh, and here is something critical to know about Boy Brow in Clear. When you apply the clear Boy Brow, it shows up as white.

But don't freak out or wipe it off.

Just leave it be, as it will be totally transparent within seconds. It just needs to dry, so... relax! Have some patience!

If you aren't in the mood for or don't need of a dollop of brow color, but want to comb and condition your brows, this is the product with which to do it. It is the ultimate easy grooming product for your brows, as it keeps them in check and fresh.

Here's how it works, too! The natural waxes holds the hairs in place, and there are plenty of moisturizers in the ingredients that strengthen the hairs.

The Boy Brow, IMO, is the best product in Glossier's minimalist makeup repertoire because it allows me to shape my brows... without making them look overly shaped.

Boy Brow is my brows' BFF. Grab it now for $16 via

Images: Courtesy of Glossier (5)