This Is How The New 'Scream' Series Is Connected To The Movies


Spoilers ahead for VH1's Scream: Resurrection. Scream: Resurrection isn't the first time someone has brought the esteemed '90s horror franchise to television, but the VH1 miniseries adds a whole new perspective to the franchise. Although the scary aspect of the show is most definitely Ghostface, the biggest connection between Scream: Resurrection and the Scream movies is not the story itself, but the manner in which the story is told.

Ghostface is back — but it's a different version of Ghostface than fans have ever seen before. Although Resurrection's version of Ghostface is voiced by Roger L. Jackson( just like the character is in the original series), it's highly unlikely that Skeet Ulrich or Matthew Lillard will be behind the mask like they were in the films. Resurrection is set in Atlanta, Georgia, on the other side of the country from the original film's setting of Woodsboro, California. However, it's possible that this show takes place in the same world of the movies because of the mask itself.

Unlike other famous movie slashers like Michael Myers and Jason, in the world of Scream it's not only incredibly easy to get Ghostface outfits — they're one of the most popular Halloween costumes around.

The ever-present nature of the Ghostface mask and the fact that anyone can wear the mask for their own purpose was a core element of the Scream film franchise, which returns in a major way in Resurrection. The show's second episode even features a massive warehouse party filled to the brim with people in Ghostface outfits, making it impossible to tell who among them is the killer.

While the mask is the same, the characters running from the killer are much different. The film franchise and Resurrection both feature high school student getting killed in gruesome ways, but while the Scream franchise focuses primarily on a group of friends and a local news team chasing the story, Resurrection follow a ragtag group that includes a brain, an athlete, a princess, and a basket case, which is basically The Breakfast Club. While most of these characters don't have direct correlations with characters in the original franchise, there's one crucial role that is filled by one of the show's classmates.

In the Scream franchise, Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) served as the character's guide to surviving the horror movie they've found themselves in. He knows all the tropes, all the tricks, all the traps that the characters need to remember to stay alive. While this knowledge doesn't keep him alive past Scream 2, that self-awareness is crucial to all of the plots of Scream movies. This time, that role is filled by Beth (Giorgia Whigham) who unites with her fellow classmates in their quest to take down the killer before it takes any more lives.

While Scream: Resurrection may not feature any cameos from the movies or share any major plot points, the series is keeping the spirit of the original alive by remixing its most crucial elements. And that should be enough for any fan of the movie.