Mercury Retroshade Is Here & It’s Going To Seriously Mess With Your Plans

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Before you let out your hip hip hooray for the end of retrograde, let me lay some heavy sh*t on you: retroshade starts today and the chaos you've been swimming in is here to say — for a little while, at least. I know, I know, it's a cruel joke. You've been struggling since the second week of August with all sorts of unforeseen issues and mishaps, so you're dying to know how long we'll be stuck in the shadow period of Mercury retrograde because you literally don't know how much more you can take.

Like, how many more times can your phone break inexplicably? How many more nonsensical arguments can you get into with your partner because you're having communication issues up the wazoo? How many more times can you run into issues with your travel plans or your work schedule or your personal calendar? How many more times can you get to work and wish the day was already over because you woke up in such a foul mood? You're already exhausted from the summer and heartbroken about having to retire your bathing suits for the year — can you really handle another grim period of unwarranted chaos? Unfortunately you'll have to, because with theend of Mercury retrograde on Sept. 5, the retroshade period is coming whether we're ready for it or not.

But fortunately, it's only going to last for two weeks. That's right, the shadow period that follows a retrograde as a planet turns direct is only until Sept. 19, 2017. It's going to suck, it's going to be trying, but we're going to make it through because we've made it this far, and two more weeks will only be character building.

Think about it this way: planetary retrograde makes you a better person. The intense periods of trying times forces us to think on our toes, think outside of the box, and roll with the punches — all things that can only help us be better partners, employees and friends. The last few weeks might have been really stressful for you. You might have experienced a lot of mishaps that set you back, strained relationships or just made your life flat-out messy. But dealing with it is good practice. Once the retroshade is over and life goes back to just being only sporadically messy, you'll be able to handle each hiccup with ease and pride. I mean really, after a whole month of hellish happenings, you're capable to handling anything.

And if the retroshade comes and goes leaving you feeling like your life is in need of a massive clean up, just tackle it. Spend this time during the retroshade taking note of all of the things in your life that need a need attention or altering or affirming. Make a little spiritual to do list so that when the fog clears on Sept. 19, you're ready to whip your life back in to better shape than it was ever in. If you made it this far, you can literally clean up any mess. Try to look forward to the opportunity to make positive and impactful changes in your life — lord knows you need them.