Uranus Retrograde Starts This Month & Is Going To Last A Long Time

by Brittany Bennett
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It seems that when one planet stations direct after a retrograde period, another turns. While the term "retrograde" makes some shudder — thanks to Mercury's notorious backwards spin — not all retrogrades require you to buckle your proverbial seatbelt. Now that Mercury is direct, Uranus is going retrograde and you might want to know: how long is Uranus retrograde in 2019? You might not have to buckle up for this retrograde but you will have to settle in.

Retrograde periods are prime times for reflection. Typically, aspects of the past are brought to the forefront. Confronting whatever is drudged up from yesteryear helps us make positive changes and guide us into a positive future. So, while retrogrades may be tough or intense they're not all that bad.

According to Sage Goddess, Uranus is the "Awakener." And Uranus retrograde might bring in a wave of change. "Uranus represents liberation, innovation, collective memory, change, revolution, free spirit, mental brilliance, and unconventionality [...] It is the desire to be rid of old conditions and constraints," Sage Goddess wrote on its site. It's a great time for original, creative expression. During Uranus retrograde, you may feel the need to not only make external changes but internal shifts too.

Luckily, you'll have a while to make and settle into these changes. Uranus Retrograde 2019 will begin on Aug. 11 and last until Jan. 10, 2020. That's 155 days, five months. I know. It's long. Even though this retrograde seems a little ~extra~, to say the least, it's a regular annual retrograde and is actually a positive time for transformation!


It's time to be proactive with the changes you want to make internally and externally. "With Uranus retrograde in Taurus, we’ll likely be challenged, personally and collectively, when it comes to maintaining stability, including financially. If you do have plenty, you might suddenly realize it’s not making you happy. Either way, get creative and initiate some shaking up in order to restructure your life in a way that truly supports you. In other words, be the change – don’t just wait for it to happen," Sage Goddess explained. You'll have five months to realize what is truly of value to you. It's OK to make changes, and with all this time to realize and implement them, it doesn't have to feel like whiplash. It doesn't have to be scary.

If during your reflection you realize you've been holding yourself back, find a solution to release yourself! Uranus retrograde favors free thinking and independence. This is a time to free yourself from the "I can't" voice in your head.

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While the Uranus Retrograde may be challenging, or uncomfortable at times, because change always is, it will also be freeing. Whatever change you realize you need to make during this retrograde can be made during or after the transit. If you were in the mood for a change in attitude, behaviors, how you see the world or approach situations, this is your time.

It's time to break free from what's holding you back and reclaim your future in the most sustainable way! Once you've internally processed what needs a soul healing "spring cleaning", you'll be able to make the external changes. You may wish that this retrograde period was even a little longer. Be open to change and by January 2020 you'll know a thing or two about a #TransformationTuesday.