ColourPop's Mixed Lip Collection Is So Affordable

by Kali Borovic

Get your wallets ready, because ColourPop is at it again. As if their Pressed Pigments weren't already a great way to kick off the year, ColourPop created Mixed Lip Collections. Not only are the products great, but they packaging is amazing too. How much are the lip trios, you ask? Just like everything else the brand creates, the price is super affordable.

If you thought ColourPop was slowing down, think again. The indie makeup brand just had their biggest launch yet with their Pressed Pigments, but they didn't forget about their other products either. This time it's all about the lippies. ColourPop shared a sneak peek of their Mixed Lip Collections on their Instagram page, and they're every bit as great as you would imagine.

Inside the quirky patterned packages are three different lip products — a Lippie Pencil, Lippie Stix, and Ultra Matte Lip. All of them are in the same color, so you can have the entire collection. Ready for the best part? The Mixed Lip Collections are $14. That's less than $5 a product. If you were to buy all the items separately, you'd be spending $16. While it's not a huge savings, it's awesome that an already affordable brand is making their products even cheaper.

The Mixed Lip Collections are set to launch on Jan. 26 at 1 p.m. ET, according to ColourPop's Instagram page. There's no word yet on whether these are a limited-edition collection. Just to be safe, I'd make sure to snag one of these while they're still around. Because they're so affordable, it's possible that these could sell out fast.

The only downfall to the launch is that these aren't new colors. According to the Instagram photo, these are all already existing shades. Whether you already have these colors or not, this is a great chance to stock up on all the matching lippies at once.

I love that they included such a wide variety of shades in the collection as well. There's everything from blush nudes to deep, vampy purples. Add to that the quirky cute packaging and you have one launch that you won't want to miss.