How Much Are ColourPop's Pressed Powder Palettes & Singles? Here Is Everything To Know

We can never, ever accuse ColourPop of being idle or behind when it comes to makeup trends. The brand is constantly introducing new products and new colors into the marketplace. ColourPop is launching a collection of pressed powder eyeshadows, which the brand teased on Instagram as its biggest launch since the Ultra Mattes. ColourPop didn't disappoint when revealing the details on Snapchat. The shades will be super pigmented yet creamy, as the formula has been in development for months, dutifully tinkered with and tested by the CP team. The shades will be incredibly trendy as well as affordable. Those are the two tenets that make up the core of the brand's ethos.

There will be 20 single serve shadows and two fixed, four shadow palettes, which are interchangeable. Therefore, you can pop colors in and out. How much are the ColourPop pressed powder shadows, both as singles and in palette form?

According to the ColourPop Snapchat reveal, the pressed powder singles are $5, while the fixed quad palette is $18.

Want even more thrilling CP news? If you buy four single serve shadows, you get an empty palette for free and you can then customize the contents.

As ColourPop's marketing mavens Jordynn Wynn and Sharon Pak note in the revelatory Snaps, the goal of these pressed shadows is to be on-trend.

Basically, you can hit it and quit it. That is, buy a bunch of trendy shades, use them a lot, hit pan, discard them, and move on to the next trend.

The new ColourPop pressed powder shadows launch on Friday, Jan. 13 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT.

Here's how the brand is touting the texture and formula.

It sounds like ColourPop really worked hard on getting the pressed powders right.

I would expect nothing less from ColourPop

Here is the confirmation of the price for the single serves and the palettes, which hold four shadows.

More pricing info here.

Buy four single shadows and get the palette for free. You can get a fixed, already assembled palette or you can customize your own, which will be slightly more at $20, since the singles are $5 a piece and the palette holds four shadows. But you get the palette free (or for $2, if you break it down further) this way. Or think of it as paying $2 extra to choose your own colors. Because #options.

This is what the packaging looks like. More deets and swatches are on the way.

Images: ColourPop Snapchat (10)