GlamGlow Lowered The Price Of All Its Face Masks & The Deal Is For Good

Odds are that you've seen at least one chrome or glitter face mask pop up on your Instagram feed. They're popular and extremely pricey. Well, they just got a bit more affordable. GlamGlow lowered the prices of all of their masks permanently. Go ahead and grab your wallet and do a happy dance, because this is for real.

Let's be honest, price is important. There is some skin care that's worth every penny, but you shouldn't have to go broke trying them out. This brand realized that and is here to help. GlamGlow has lowered its face masks from $69 to $59 for good. The size and formula of the masks are the same, but they're cheaper. No catches and no gimmicks.

According to the press release, the change comes after realizing that people wanted more sizes and options of products. Well, ask and you shall receive, my friends.

The jars of Supermud Clearning Treatment, Youthmud Tinglexfoliating Mask, Gravitymud Firming Treatment, Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment, Flashmud Brightening Treatment, and Powermud Dualcleansing Treatment are all still 50G. They're just $10 cheaper than normal.

The only mask that hasn't been lowered is the Glittermask. You'll still have to pay the old price for that one.

#Glittermask Gravitymud Firming Treatment, $69, GlamGlow

That's not the only change that GlamGlow is making to their products though. The size of the original jar is staying the same, but there will now be an even bigger size, too. On top of the 50G jar, there is now an 100G product available as well.

The extra-large sized tube is available right now on the GlamGlow website for $79. That's double the product for less than double the price, which is a pretty great deal. The only catch is that you'll have to opt for the tube instead of the jar. Currently the only mask options is with Supermud Clearing Treatment, but the brand says that it will be available in the other masks as well.

If those two options are still too much for you, there's a third option. All of the face masks are available in mini sizes for $24 each. That way you can test it out, fall in love, and still save some money on the regular-sized jar. Basically, it's never been easier to test out skin care and not feel like you're just giving money away.

Supermud Clearing Treatment, $79, GlamGlow

Don't let the amount fool you though. 50G is 1.7 oz. and 100G is 3.4 oz. That's not a ton of product, but there's a reason why these masks are bestsellers. Each one has a unique purpose for skin and they all seem to work extremely well. GlamGlow knows what they're doing with skin care.

On top of that, they're proving that they know the customers. The price of the masks has been the number one complaint on Sephora reviews and social media. The brand is listening to what people want and are working to get closer to being more affordable. While it's still a high-priced item, the change is a push in the right direction.

If you're looking to get the new price, you'll have to shop on the GlamGlow website. The prices still come up with the old price — $69 — on the Sephora website. So be careful where you buy.

Gravity Firming Treatment, $59, GlamGlow

It's always good to see any beauty brand listening to feedback and giving its customers what they want. GlamGlow did it with their range of masks and now they're doing the same with the prices. If the affordable pricing is any indication, it's going to be a great year for skin care.