Here's Why Fans Are Pissed About The New Kylie Cosmetics Product

The third Kylie Cosmetics Silver Surprise is here — and it's pretty massive. It's also literally silver. Kylie Cosmetics is dropping the Silver Series Makeup Brush Collection. It features 16 tools with fluffy white hairs and mirrored, silver handles with fearless leader Kylie Jenner's name stamped on them. The brushes arrive via the Kylie Cosmetics site, which is the brand's main sales platform, on Wednesday, Dec. 13.

The collection is extensive and expensive, and the internet has mixed feelings. The prestige brushes are available as a complete, limited edition set, which will set you back by $360. Each brushes shakes out to about $22.50 per tool in the bundle. The full set comes with a silver brush roll for easy, convenient, and stylish storage.

However, you can purchases the brushes individually and those prices vary. If you don't contour or aren't big on blush, then you may not need the whole set. You can pick and choose as you wish.

Fans did express some displeasure with the price of the set. While nearly $400 is a super steep price tag for a lot of shoppers, the brush set is a luxury collection and an investment that should last for years. Only problem is, you can't touch them to quality control first before dishing out some cash.

Think of it this way. If you purchase the set and use most of the brushes daily, all the while taking good care of the tools by cleaning them properly, the cost per use factors down to just pennies. It's a matter of perspective — and ability to invest.

Here is the breakdown of all the available brushes. There are nine face-focused brushes, some of which can be used for application of body makeup. There are seven brushes designed for eyeshadow application.

It's an aesthetically pleasing set and joins the bullet lipsticks and Skin Concealers as the 2017 Silver Series Surprises.

The skin concealers are generating a lot of chatter for their inclusivity, as there are 30 shades that cater to so many variations of fair, medium, deep, and dark tones.

Below is the complete list of solo prices.

Large Powder Brush: $48

Large Stippling Brush: $30

Medium Tapered Brush: $28

Dense Powder Brush: $26

Angled Face Brush: $24

Rounded Face Brush: $28

Medium Stippling Brush: $22

Small Fluff Brush: $22

Fan Brush: $20

Large Shader Brush: $20

Angled Blending Brush: $16

Medium Shader Brush: $20

Small Shader Brush: $18

Concealer Brush: $18

Tapered Blending Brush: $20

Small Smudge Brush: $18

That's a lot of mirrored tools.

Avid Kylie Cosmetics devotees know this isn't the brand's first foray into the brush realm. Last year, Jenner introduced a brush set for the 2016 Holiday Collection. That collection was $35 and contained five tools. The handles and hairs were white, with Jenner's first name stamped on the handles in black.

This collection is much more expansive and expensive, due to the materials and function.

The brand shared the usage tips for each tool — how handy!

Here's how the Internet is feeling about Kylie Cosmetics' Silver Series brushes. Most discussions center on prices, and whether or not the brushes are cruelty free. Lots of users are curious about the materials.

Even the most hardcore brand loyalists aren't pleased about shelling out over $350 for the brushes.

Some users compared the set to other brands that sell similar tools for less.

Like here...

... and here...

... and here.

Though there may be price critics, something tells us the Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series brushes will ultimately sell out. After all, anything Kylie touches turns to silver — and gold.